Top 10 Magisk Modules 2021 To Use: Best Magisk Modules Android 12 and Android 11 & below.

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Best Magisk Modules Android 11 and Android 12 to use with Rooted Android Device.

So you have already rooted your Android device and are looking for things you can do with it. If not, check this guide to rooting your Android device. Here are the top 10 Magisk Modules that you can use on your Android device right now.

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These top Magisk modules 2021 are the best Magisk modules android 11 that you can try out. I have given an installation guide for some modules as well.

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If you want to connect your controller to your Android device but it does not properly support it, the 1Controller Magisk module might fix that. The module introduces the key layout files for several popular game controllers, including the PS5’s DualSense, DualShock 4, DualShock 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One|One S, Xbox Series X|S, and the Switch Pro controller.

Github: 1Controller

Advanced Charging Controller

Advanced Charging Controller is a module intended for extending the battery life of your device by limiting charging current, temperature, and voltage. It will give you more fine control over your device’s battery.

Github: Advanced Charging Controller

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Call Recorder – SKVALEX

It is a companion Magisk module for the powerful Call Recorder app. The module allows the app to use advanced root features, such as recording both sides on newer Android builds and starting the recording when a call gets answered. If your device originally does not have call recording, this for sure is a great module.

Github: Call Recorder


Do you have enormous amounts of pre-installed OEM apps on your device and you have no way of removing them? The Debloater module is the perfect solution for your needs. Fire up a terminal window, call the debloat command, and voila!

Github: Debloater

EdXposed by Riru

edxposed magisk module

If you rooted your Android device to modify and tweak it to your liking, this is the Magisk module for you. EdXposed is the successor to the Xposed Framework that works on newer Android versions. It allows you to use modules through it to change how certain things or apps work on your device without installing any APKs.

It is based on the Riru module and hence is harder to detect since it injects itself directly into the zygote to allow other modules to run their code. It is required to install the Riru Core module first or EdExposed installation will fail.

While downloading LSposed, Make sure that you are either downloading the Riru version or the Zygisk version for Magisk v23 or Magisk v24 and above respectively.

If you are using Magisk version 23 or below then you might go with Riru LSposed. If you are using Magisk version 24 or above then go with Zygsik LSposed.

XDA: EdXposed

Github: Riru

Github: LSposed

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Font Manager

If you want to change the look and UI of your device and your custom ROM does not give you an inbuilt option, you need to look no further. Install this Font Manager module and change everything related to fonts to your liking.

Github: Font Manager

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Fullscreen/Immersive Gesture Tweaks for Android 10-12

Do you love gesture controls but your device allows only three-button navigation control? This is a simple module to allow you to do just that. Install it, remove those buttons and get the complete fullscreen experience.

Github: Fullscreen/Immersive Gestures

JamesDSP Audio Manager

Inspired by the OmniRom DSPManager, this module brings a reformed audio effect digital signal processing engine for Android with an enhanced internal audio engine.

Download: JamesDSP Audio Manager

ViPER4Android FX

Viper4AndroidFX is the best Audio Equalizer and an incredibly powerful tool. It is a Magisk module that allows users to customize the audio output category-wise, specializing in headphones, phone speakers, and various audio systems. It lets you tweak the Android audio and enhance your music listening experience with profiles that you can tune each time separately according to your need.

If the customization is too intimidating you can try something simpler like DolbyAtmos or AndroidFX.

Download: Viper4Android FX

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Youtube Vanced Manager

install youtube vanced

Forget Youtube and replace it with Youtube Vanced. It is everything that Youtube is with some extra features. There are no ads, it has a dark mode and allows for background play. Basically, you get Youtube Premium for free. You are losing by not using it.

To install Youtube Vanced you need to install its manager first and then choose to install it separately or completely replace the original Youtube.

Download: Youtube Vanced

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Bonus modules

Audio Modification Library

If you are using more than one audio module, it allows for them to work properly. It can be easily found inside the Magisk manager and installed.

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Camera2API Enabler

If your device does not have Camera2API enabled natively, your can easily change it using this module without editing with the build.prop file. Nowadays, almost every device comes with Camera2API enabled by default. But if you don’t have it by default then you can always try this Magisk Module.

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Zygisk LSposed

Zygisk LSposed is a new Xposed Framework replacing Magisk Riru EdXposed or Riru LSposed. Zygisk is a part of the Magisk and is more powerful than MagiskHide and Xposed Framework.

Zygisk LSposed is simply a new generation of Riru LSposed and is even more powerful than Riru LSposed. With the help of Zygisk LSposed, you can install a variety of LSposed Modules from the Xposed Modules Repository or from the website itself.

There are many Zygisk LSposed modules available to choose from according to users’ needs.

Github: Zygisk LSposed ( There are two versions available one is Riru and the other is Zygisk. Download the LSposed Zygsik version )

Note: Zygisk LSposed is compatible with Magisk v24 and above. If you are using Magisk v23 and below you might go with the Riru version.

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MagiskHide Props config

As you can guess from the name, MagiskHide Props config is a Magisk module to hide Root detection from Apps. MagiskHide Props Config still works with the latest Android 12. However, there is an alternative to this which is SudoHide, an app to Hide Root from Apps with the Help of Zygisk LSposed.

You can use MagiskHide in Magisk v23 and below or use Zygisk DenyList in Magisk v24 to hide Root from Apps.

Github: MagiskHide Props Config

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Universal SafetyNet Fix

Universal SafetyNet Fix is a Magisk Module to pass CTS profile or bypass SafetyNet error in Android. With the help of the SafetyNet Fix Module, you can bypass SafetyNet API error in Android.

Github: Universal SafetyNet Fix v2.1.3 ( This version supports up to Magisk v23 and Riru LSposed )

Github: Universal SafetyNet Fix v2.2.1 ( This version only supports with Magik v24 and above and Zygisk LSposed )

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NOTE: Almost all the modules can be found inside the Magisk manager itself and installed directly. But after the Magisk v24, the Repository has been removed by the developers, so you only have the option to download from Github.

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