Magisk Hide not working on banking apps 2021: Magisk Hide not working 2021 Android 11.

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magisk hide not working banking apps 2021
MagiskHide Not Working 2021
Magisk Hide Not Working on Banking Apps Table of Contents

Introduction To Magisk

What is Magisk? What is Magisk Hide?

Magisk is an Android Rooting tool that works Systemlessly. Magisk is also a Super User App that can grant privilege access to other apps. Magisk is just much more than a Rooting tool. It has its own Xposed Installed called EdXposed, and its main ability is to Hide Root Access from certain apps like banking and railway apps that do not work on Rooted devices. This Root Hide feature is one of the main highlights of using the Magisk, whereas the SuperSU is also a Rooting tool, but it does not have a Root hiding ability like the Magisk.

Magisk Hide hides the root from Banking and Railway Apps so they can still work on Rooted devices. Magisk Hide also makes sure that it bypasses Google’s SafetyNet API Profile so that Play store device not certified problem won’t occur. SafetyNet API also passes the issue like apps not downloading such as Netflix etc.

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Magisk Hide not working 2021: Magisk Hide failed.

If you are the kind of person who uses Custom ROMs and Roots their device then, you might face problems with Magisk Hide not working, SafetyNet failed, or Device uncertified in Google Play Store.

So to fix all these issues you have to follow my steps. I will cover all these issues one by one. I will arrange all the methods in one order to fix Magisk Hide Not Working.

Magisk Hide Not working on banking Apps. Magisk Hide not working in 2021. Banking Apps Stopped Working in Rooted Device even with Magisk Hide.

If hide Magisk on banking apps not working then follow the steps below.

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How to hide Magisk from banking Apps.

Method 1: Hide Magisk from Root Detection. To Magisk Hide Google Play Services. Magisk Hide not working Android 11: Hide Magisk Root 2021.

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Step 2: Now, Go to Magisk Settings and Scroll down a little.

Step 3: Enable MagiskHide under the Magisk Section.

Here is how to hide Magisk from banking apps
2nd method.

Method 2: Enable Magisk Hide from Apps Detection in Magisk Root Hide section: Hide Magisk Root 2021.

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager app.

Step 2: Click on the Shield icon in Magisk Home.

Step 3: Click on MagiskHide to hide apps from Root detection.

Step 4: Select Banking Apps to hide Root.

Step 5: After checking all boxes of Banking Apps Click on Google Play Services.

Step 6: Turn on all the options in Google Play Services.

Now your Magisk Hide should able to Hide Root from Banking Apps.

Method 3: Installing MagiskHide Props Config Magisk Module file: Hide Magisk Root 2021.

Magisk Hide not working android 11

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager and Click on the Module section in Magisk Home.

Step 2: Here, Click on the Search button to search for the MagiskHide Props Config file or simply scroll down a little, and you should find it.

Step 3: Now, Click on the MagiskHide Props Config file and install the file by clicking the Install button.

Step 4: It will fetch the file and get installed in a few seconds, and after that, click on Reboot to reboot your device.

After rebooting the device, check if Magisk Hide is working or not.

Note: Internet connection is needed here.

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Method 4: Hide Magisk Manager itself to get rid of Root detection. Hide Magisk Manager app. Magisk App hide. Magisk Hide not working for the MyJio app.

If the above methods still not working then, hiding Magisk Manager should work. Here Magisk App ID and names are changed to prevent root detection from a malicious app like Magisk App. But Magisk is not a Malicious app.

Here, what I mean is that your device searches and scans for Apps that hold superuser codes that give Root Privilege.

Some Apps are designed in a smart way that they can identify Root even if the device isn’t Rooted, but if a superuser app that holds privileged codes is installed.

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How to Hide Magisk Manager App. Hide Magisk Manager to hide Root. Magisk Manager Hide: Hide Magisk Root 2021.

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Step 2: Go to Magisk Settings and scroll down a little bit.

Step 3: Just before the Magisk Section, you should see “Hide the Magisk App” and click on it.

Step 4: After clicking on the option, it will ask you to give a name. Here, give any name you like other than Magisk or Manager because that is the name that Banking Apps search for.

Step 5: By default, it picks the name “Settings”. You can also go with this name.

Step 6: After giving it a name, you just have to click “OK”, and it will process to hide the Magisk Manager App.

Note: An Internet connection might be needed here.

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Method 5: How to fix SafetyNet failed. SafetyNet API error. SafetyNet fix.

SafetyNet is also sometimes necessary to bypass Root detection. But with also SafetyNet failed, it works fine.

Universal SafetyNet Fix 2021. Universal SafetyNet Fix Android 11. Universal SafetyNet Fix Magisk 22.

Here I will show you how to fix SafetyNet Failed, and after that, you will have to also fix the Device uncertified in Google Play Store. I will show you the Device uncertified problem fix after this.

So let’s fix Google SafetyNet failed in 2021.

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How to fix SafetyNet API error or SafetyNet failed: Magisk SafetyNet attestation failed Android 11.

Step 1: Complete Method 1,2 and 3. Method 4 is optional.

Step 2: Get the ” Universal SafetyNet Fix ” zip file version and flash through Magisk App to fix
the SafetyNet API error. To flash the Magisk Module, follow the sub-steps below.

Magisk SafetyNet Failed Android 11

Sub-Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Sub-Step 2: Go to the Magisk Module section.

Sub-Step 3: Click on ” Install from Storage ” and select the “Universal SafetyNet Fix” file.

Sub-Step 4: After flashing the file, Click on Reboot to complete the process.

Step 3: If you are using Custom ROM, you should have an option called Signature Spoof or Signature Spoofing. Turn ON this option. You can find this option in the “Developer Options” settings or Customisation tab of System Settings. If you are having trouble finding the option try to search in Settings. Type Spoof or Signature Spoofing then, the spoof option should appear.

Step 4: Update Magisk to the Canary version. I will show you how to do that at last of this post.

Note: MagiskHide Props Config and Universal SafetyNet Fix will work on Magisk version 22.0 as well, and will fix Magisk Hide Not working on Banking Apps.

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Method 6: Device Uncertified Play Store Fix. Play Store Device is not certified. Magisk Hide not working Android 11.

To fix a device not certified in the play store, or Play Store uncertified, you have to follow the steps given below. It is all Google Problem to not fix it.

Well, I hope to guide you to fix this issue.

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How to fix Device is not certified by Google Play Store error.

Option 1: Fix Device not certified by clearing Play Store App data.

Step 1: Click and hold on Play Store.

Step 2: Now click on App info to go to App information settings of Play Store, or you can also navigate through System Settings and Go to Apps and lastly find and select the Play Store app.

Step 3: Click on Storage and Cache or Manage Storage or Storage. Check which option available for your device. Here I’m using Stock Android 11

Step 4: Click on Clear Storage to clear the data of the Play Store App.

Step 5: Hit “Ok” when the confirmation message pops up, and the data of the Play Store will be cleared.

Option 2: Fixing device uncertified by device registration. Uncertified device registration.

Make uncertified device into certified.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and search for GSF (Google Service Framework) or Device ID by Evozi in the Play Store search bar.

Step 2: Click on the app and install Device ID by Evozi.

Step 3: After installing the app, open the app by clicking on “Open.”

Step 4: Click on GSF (Google Service Framework)

Step 5: After clicking on “GSF”, then click “Copy”

Step 6: Open any browser. Chrome would be better for this job since it’s Google’s product.

Step 7: Go to the search bar of Google and type “device registration”

Step 8: After searching for this term, you should see all the results, and you have to click on the first link which says > uncertified or Simply copy the link GSF

Step 9: Inside this page, you should see an option to enter the GSF ID. Paste the GSF Code ID that you copied from the Device ID app into the GSF section.

Step 10: After that, click on ” I’m not a robot ” and fill in the CAPTCHA.

Step 11: After filling the CAPTCHA, click on “Register” to register the Device ID.

It will give you a message that says Device Registration Successful.

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Method 6: Updating Magisk to Magisk Canary version to fix SafetyNet issue in Android 11.

To fix SafetyNet Failed in Android 11 or SafetyNet API error, you have to switch to the Magisk Canary version. Follow the steps below to fix SafetyNet CTS Failed.

Step 1: First of all, get the Magisk Canary App from GitHub, or you can visit the embedded link on the text. It’s safely linked from the GitHub Magisk D-load link.

Step 2: After fetching the Magisk Canary version Install it.

Step 3: After successfully installing the Magisk Canary version, open it.

Step 4: Here, the app might ask you to update the Magisk and the Magisk App. Simply follow its instructions.

Step 5: Check if your previous settings are available or not. Magisk Hide Settings and Modules. If yes, then check the SafetyNet API error again, if it has passed or not.

Step 6: The SafetyNet CTS profiles error should be passed, and if not then, it may be a false alert.

Step 7: Install SafetyNet checker app from Google Play Store.

Step 8: Open the app and check if SafetyNet is passed. If it shows passed then, that means Magisk SafetyNet has shown you the wrong CTS Profile.

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Conclusion for Magisk Hide not working

All the above methods are arranged accordingly in a correct order to successfully fix the issue, Magisk Hide not working banking apps or Banking Apps stopped working even after Magisk Hide. The above methods should work fine.

Note: Check your Banking Apps after applying each method successfully.

How to fix Magisk SafetyNet API Error or Magisk SafetyNet Failed. Fix Magisk SafetyNet Failed video is below.

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