How to install Riru EdXposed Android 11: Install EdXposed Manager Android

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Magisk Edxposed Introduction

Hello there!

You might be a hardcore Custom ROM user or a user who experiments with its android smartphone a lot. Here, I will explain how you can install Magisk EdXposed on Android 11 and Android and below in this article.

Magisk EdXposed has been very popular lately. Many custom ROM users are installing on their smartphones. 

Since the development of Magisk, there wasn’t any way to install Xposed Installer. At that time, it was available, but it was not systemless, just like the Magisk. Xposed Framework was there with SuperSU Root

Then came the Magisk with Riru. Magisk Riru then took the existing place of Rovio’s Xposed Installer. But After Android 10, there was no new release because Rovio stopped developing the Xposed Framework.

So after that, Magisk Riru came, and Magisk gained popularity as time passed. Riru came with EdXposed that is similar to Xposed Framework but with a systemless approach. 

With Riru and Exposed, you can use Magisk Xposed. You need Riru Core which has been updated to Riru, EdXposed Framework is now known as EdXposed, and EdXposed Manager to manage Xposed Modules, or it would be correct to say EdXposed Modules.

Now that’s enough talk, let’s get into the process of Magisk EdXposed Installation.

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[ New Update 2022 ] Zygisk LSpodes and Zygisk Riru -What is Zygisk LSposed and how to install it?

Zygisk LSposed is a new version of Riru EdXposed or Riru LSposed. Magisk v24 and above has a new feature called Zygisk. Zygisk is a powerful MagiskHide and EdXposed Manager.

If you want to know what is Zygisk? How to install Zygisk and what is Zygisk DenyList then follow the link to know all about Zygisk. Zygsik is not a new Magisk but inside Magisk which makes the Rooting more powerful.

Requirements for Magisk EdXposed or Magisk LSposed Installation: (Supported upto Magisk v23)

Note: LSposed by Riru is an upgraded version of Magisk EdXposed. But Zygisk LSposed is a new generation of Riru LSposed. So if you are using Magisk v23 or below then go with Riru LSposed and if you are using Magisk v24 and above then go with Zygisak LSposed.

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magisk edxposed manager

Install Magisk EdXposed Android 11: Install EdXposed Manager Android 11 2021

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Step 2: Go to the Modules section inside Magisk.

Step 3: Click on Search and Type “Riru”

Step 4: You will see many results with Riru word but choose with name only “Riru”

Step 5: Click on the Download button of the Riru Module and choose “Install” to install it directly.

Step 6: After Riru installation is complete, don’t reboot. Again go to the modules section and search for “Riru” and, if you are already in “search” then click on the download icon of Riru – EdXposed. If you don’t want to use EdXposed then you can install Riru LSposed.

Step 7: When you click on the download of Riru – EdXposed or Riru – LSposed, click “Install” to install it directly.

Step 8: After Riru – EdXposed/LSposed installation is complete, click on Reboot.

Step 9: After rebooting the device, Open the Chrome browser or any browser.

Step 10: Visit this link of Magisk EdXposed Manger. You can also search and go to the GitHub website for EdXposed Manager. ( Applicable only if you have installed Riru – EdXposed )

Step 11: Download EdXposed Manager and install it. ( Applicable only if you have installed Riru – EdXposed )

Download and install LSposed App from Google Play Store.

Step 12: Open EdXposed Manager/LSposed App and check if you got the green message. If not, then Reboot your device once again, and you should now get the Green message which says, “You have successfully installed EdXposed on your phone.” which means you have successfully installed EdXposed.

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Note: before you proceed with the installation of Magisk EdXposed. Download the Magisk Recovery or Magisk Manager Recovery (MM) zip file if you are stuck in the bootloop while going through the Magisk EdXposed installation process. So you could uninstall the Module if you do stuck in bootloop.

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How to install Zygisk LSposed in Android 12 and below. [ New Update 2022 ]

To install Zygisk LSposed it is the same as Installing Magisk EdXposed but what you have to change is the EdXposed Framework. Instead of Installing Magisk Riru-EdXposed, you have to install the Zygisk LSposed.

The rest are the same as installing EdXposed and you also don’t need the EdXposed Manager APK. A lightweight Module will appear after Rebooting the device when you have installed LSposed and will ask you to add it to the home screen.

So you have to add only the widget of LSpoded to the home screen. With the LSposed widget, you can open the App and manage your Xposed Modules.

The requirement to install Zygisk LSposed in Android:

  • A Smartphone with Magisk installed
  • Zygisk option Enabled in Magisk Settings
  • Zygisk LSposed zip file ( Download the Zygisk version of LSposed )
  • LSposed APK File ( Download LSposed Appfrom Google Play Store )

Zygisk LSposed Installation Process:

Step 1: Download the LSposed Zygisk version from the given Github link above. Magisk Modules repository is removed, so you cannot download it from there.

Step 2: After downloading Zygisk LSposed, Open Magisk Manager.

Step 3: If you haven’t enabled Zygisk from the Magisk setting then Enable it and Reboot the device. After Rebooting again open Magisk Manager. ( Optional – If not done before )

Step 4: Inside Magisk Manager, Go to the Modules section.

Step 5: In Modules section, tap on ‘Install from Storage’ and navigate to where you have downloaded Zygisk LSposed.

Step 6: Choose and select the Zygisk LSposed file from the Install storage option. After that, it will start installing the file.

Step 7: Reboot the device.

Step 8: After the device reboots, Open Google Play Store.

Step 9: Tap on the search bar and Type “LSposed” in Google PlayStore.

Step 10: Download and Install LSposed App from Google PlayStore

Step 11: Open LSposed App and check if properly installed or not. You should get a message that says “Activated”

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Frequent Query on Magisk EdXposed Installation:

How do I install EdXposed?

You can install Magisk EdXposed manager by performing the steps given above. If you are stuck in bootloop or EdXposed Installation failed then feel free to drop a comment.

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