How to install YouTube Vanced 2021: How to install YouTube Vanced Magisk

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How to install YouTube Vanced – Download YouTube Vanced to get premium YouTube Features but at your own risk.

how to install youtube vanced 2021
Install Youtube Vanced

To install YouTube Vanced, You need to have Magisk Install. But it is not necessary as it comes to Youtube Vanced non-root as well.

Step 1: Download YouTube Vanced Manager from YouTube Vanced Website or, You can also get it from the Play Store. You can get YouTube Vanced Manager APK from YouTube Vanced Alternative Website. YouTube Vanced Team has removed all download links.

If you find YouTube Vanced download link is slow then join Nooberinfo Telegram to get the Vanced Manager App.

Step 2: After Installing Vanced Manager, Click on Next just as it says and then Choose which Variant to install. You can choose Magisk Root if you have Rooted your phone with Magisk or proceed with Non-Root if you don’t have Root Access.

Step 3: After that, you should see an interface like this in the image given and Click on the Download button to proceed with Installation of Vanced YouTube and Vanced YouTube Music.

youtube vanced manager interface

It will take a few seconds based on internet speed to download the APK and install it on your device. If you selected Youtube Vanced Root, then it will install the Root version.

If you have YouTube Vanced Non-Root then you will have to install Vanced MicroG. Youtube Vanced MicroG is an APK package that enables you to sign in to Youtube Vanced.

vanced manager non root interface
How to install Youtube Vanced NON-ROOT Without Magisk Modules

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How to install YouTube Vanced Magisk 2021?

To install YouTube Vanced Magisk, you need to have Magisk installed on your phone. Let’s follow these steps and get started.

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Steps to install YouTube Vanced from Magisk Manager

Step 1: Go to YouTube Vanced Website and Download the Youtube Vanced Magisk file. You can simply visit the link that is embedded.

Step 2: Download the YouTube Vanced Magisk File for your Processor architecture. If you are not sure which one to download, use any Device Info App to know the specs of your device. You can visit the related post to know, how to check Device info.

Step 3: Navigate to Magisk Manager APP and go to Modules section inside Magisk Manager App.

Step 4: In the Magisk modules section, choose and press “Install From Storage” and navigate to the folder you downloaded the YouTube Vanced Magisk file and select the file. After that, it will start installing.n If it asks some permission or prompts, then follow its given instructions.

Step 5: After YouTube Vanced Magisk File installation, Click on “Reboot” to reboot the device.

Note: YouTube Vanced Magisk File is not necessary to download if you find the Youtube Vanaced Magisk module in the Magisk Manager Module section. You can get it from Magisk Manager itself.

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Steps to install Youtube Vanced from Recovery (Root Users Only)

Step 1: Download the Youtube Vanced Magisk file from YouTube Vanced Website.

Step 2: Reboot your device into Recovery.

Step 3: After booting into Recovery, Choose “Install zips” or click on “Install” and select the file.

Step 4: Flash the YouTube Vanced Magisk file by confirming or “swipe to flash.”

Step 5: Reboot your device and Boot into the ROM.

Step 6: Check your YouTube Vanced if it works fine or not.

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YouTube Vanced installation preferences

If you are a Rooted user or Magisk User, go with Root Variant because it works best with Root. With YouTube Vanced Non Root, sometimes it doesn’t work.

Congratulations 🎉, now you have successfully installed YouTube Vanced. Enjoy Ad-Free Videos and Music.

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Conclusion for YouTube Vanced 2021

Remember, this may end anytime if Google brings new enhancements for YouTube. Because this hurts the Revenue of the Creators working hard on YouTube.

Note: For non-rooted users, who are using Vanced, please don’t update the app when an update comes because it may stop premium membership. It happens sometimes due to bugs. If you want to update Vanced, then update the app after a month.

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Is YouTube Vanced safe?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is safe to use, but if youtube decides to take legal actions against this, then be prepared for that. Besides that, Youtube Vance is safe and secure. YouTube Vanced is powered by Brave, a private browser to save you from tracking and data collection.

How do I install YouTube Vanced?

The given above steps are the process to install YouTube Vanced on any Android Phone.

Is YouTube Vanced illegal?

It’s not completely illegal, but it’s not legal either as YouTube Vanced does not modify the Youtube Website but makes changes to how it renders. So it comes in between or, you could call it a grey area.

How can I get YouTube premium for free forever?

You can get YouTube Premium for free forever by using YouTube Vanced on your device.

How do I install Vanced Xiaomi?

To install Vanced on Xiaomi Smartphone, you need to follow the above-given steps.

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