Viper4Android not processing Android 11 and Android 10: Fix Magisk Viper4Android Not Working on Android 11

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How to fix Viper4Android not processing: Fix Magisk Viper4Android FX not working

Hey there, if you are searching for Magisk Viper4Android not working or Viper4Android not working in Android 11 then, I will guide you on how to fix Viper4Android not processing or not working. There is nothing much that you have to do except for installing Viper4Android FX Drivers properly and tweaking few settings inside the Viper4Android FX App.

If you have installed Magisk Viper4Android or Normal Viper4Android Zip file, then it will work for both versions. You have to follow the procedure that I will explain to you now, and your problem with Viper4ANdroid not working on Android 11, and Android 10 would be fixed. It should also work with both SELinux Enforcing and Permissive.

Fix Viper4android not processing Android 11 and Android 10: Viper4android not working after the latest Magisk update.

So let’s get started to fix Viper4Android not processing Spotify, Youtube, PowerAmp, and other streaming apps. Follow the steps below.

Uninstall Viper4Android if already installed.

uninstall viper4android fx

Uninstall Magisk Viper4Android

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Step 2: Go to the Magisk Modules section.

Step 3: Uninstall Magisk Viper4Android by clicking on the Delete or Dustbin button of the Magisk Module.

Step 4: Reboot the device to complete the uninstallation of Viper4Android.

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Uninstall Normal Viper4Android

Step 1: Download the Viper4Android Uninstaller zip file. XHiFi Version

Step 2: Boot the device into Recovery Mode ( Press and hold Power + Volume UP button or do in your way )

Step 3: After booting into Recovery Mode, Go to the “Install Zips” Section.

Step 4: After clicking on “Install Zips”, choose and flash the Viper4Android Uninstall Zip file.

Step 5: Reboot the device.

If the above steps didn’t work then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Boot the device into Recovery Mode ( Press and hold Power + Volume UP button or do in your way )

Step 2: Open File Manager inside Recovery or if you have Files directly then navigate to the location given below.

Step 3: Navigate to this location Data/Media/0/Viper4AndroidFx

Step 4: Delete Viper4AndroidFx folder

Step 5: Reboot the device.

If that also didn’t work then flash the Viper4Android FX Zip file again inside the Recovery to uninstall it.

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How to install Viper4Android on Android 11 and Android 10: Install Viper4Android FX on Android

how to install viper4android fx on android 11 and android 10

So now we will start installing the Viper4Android on Android 11 and Android and even Android 10 and 9. So we have already cleaned up the Viper, and we will restart from installing Viper4ANdroid FX. So let’s get started and follow the steps below.

How to install Viper4android Magisk (Root)

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Step 2: Go to Modules Section inside Magisk Manager App.

Step 3: Click on Search and Type viper and download any version you like. ( Standard Viper4Android FX is recommended )

Step 4: Click on the Download button of Viper4Android Magisk and Choose Install.

Step 5: After clicking on Install, It will start installing the Viper4Android FX, and it may ask you for a version like Material Viper Installation or Standard Version. So choose by navigation through Volume Buttons.

Step 6: After installation is complete, don’t click on Reboot.

Step 7: Go back to the Magisk Modules section again and search for AML ( Audio Modification Library )

Step 8: After you find “AML“, click on the Download button and choose Install to install the AML file.

Step 9: After AML installation, do not reboot the device, and go to the App drawer in your phone and find Viper4Android FX. ( AML is used to fix Multiple Audio Effects Library conflicts in one device. That is why it is necessary to install. )

Step 10: After finding the Viper4Android FX APP, click on it and it will ask you for driver installation and click on Install Drivers to finalize the Viper4Android Installation. The device will automatically reboot as soon as you install the Viper4Android Drivers.

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How to install ViPER4Android on Android 11 and Android 10 without Magisk ( Without Root )

The process is the same for Viper4Android without root. But without root it won’t have the AML because it is a Magisk Module. So let’s get started and follow the steps below.

How to install Viper4Android without root

Step 1: Download Viper4Android Magisk Module latest version or download the V4A Rootless version from ZackPTG5

Step 2: Boot into the recovery mode then go to the Install Zips section and Install Viper4Android FX zip file.

Step 3: After Installing the Viper4AndroidFX Zip file, Reboot the device.

Step 4: After Rebooting the device, Open Viper4AndroidFX App.

Step 5: As soon as you open the Viper4AndroidFX APP, it will ask you to install drivers. So click on “Install” to install the drivers, and it will automatically reboot the device.

Now your Viper4Android FX not processing or not working problem should get fixed after completing the above steps. If not, then follow the next steps below.

So, even after completing the above steps, Viper4Android not processing on streaming Apps like Spotify, YouTube, PowerAMP then, there is a trick that could save you, and you would have to do it manually and maybe too often. So follow the steps below.

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Viper4android not processing Android 11: Fix Viper4Android not processing – Fix Viper4Android Processing no

fix viper4android fx not processing on android

Step 1: Play your Music on any App.

Step 2: Open Viper4Android while playing Music on your phone.

Step 3: Go to settings of Viper4AndroidFX.

Step 4: Enable legacy Mode and Compatibility Mode, then turn it off and check if Viper4Android Processing or Not.

Step 5: If Legacy Mode and Compatibility Mode turning ON and OFF didn’t work, then Keep these both settings ON forever and don’t turn them off.

[ New Update ] – Viper4Android Not Processing on Android on SELinux Enforcing: Viper4ANdroid Not Working.

I have noticed after a long time that if you don’t enable “Playback Gain Control” then Effects won’t apply. So make sure to enable PlayBack Gain Control inside Viper4Android.

Steps to Enable Viper4Android Playback Gain Control if Viper4Android Not Working:

Step 1: Open Viper4Android App.

Step 2: Enable Viper4Android “Playback Gain control”

viper4android fx headset settings

Step 3 ( Optional if working ): If still not working then Turn ON & OFF Legacy Mode and Compatibility Mode. You can continue to keep ON Legacy Mode if you are having issues or if Viper processes only while you Turn ON & OFF Legacy mode.

v4a fx settings

[ New Update 2 ] – Viper4Android Not Processing At All on Latest Custom ROM and Android 12.

So I have met a few encounters where Viper4Android does not process at all because there is more than one Audio Effects System installed on Android System.

In my case, I had Xiaomi Parts Audio Effects Control and installed Viper4Android FX as well. So the processing of audio gets conflicted and unable to process to which Audio Effects the Audio should route through in System. That is why you have to patch the library.

AML’s job is to process different audio mods simultaneously but recently I have installed Android 12 and does not properly. Here is when the Audio Compatibility Patch Magisk Module (ACP) Comes into play. With this module, you can patch Audio Policy, AUdio DAC, Patch Audio Effects, and patch & install LIB Workaround.

I have already shown this method in my YouTube Video that is below, check that out as well. I had published the video when this problem started occurring at the beginning. You can also check that video to get more detailed instructions and guides.

I have embedded John-Fawkes Module. But it’s recommended to download the module from Magisk Manager App.

[New Update 3 – 2022] – Viper4Android Not Processing on Wireless earphone or headphone devices.

So recently I came to know why Viper4AndroidFx does not process on Wireless Earbuds, Neckband, and Headphones. The reason for not processing viper4android is sample bitrate limitation through Bluetooth.

Viper can only process audio up to 48000KHZ audio sampling bitrate only. Beyond the 48000KHZ sampling rate, it will not process the audio.

If you have LDAC Audio Codec available for wireless devices which support up to 96000KHZ Sampling rate then Viper will not process the audio. You have to use AAC Codec which is captive to 44100KHZ Sampling rate and then audio will get processed 48000KHZ.

I own Realme Wireless 2 Wireless Neckband and it has support for LDAC and that is why Viper4Android was not processing the audio.

If you are using Wired Earphones or Headphones even so it will process maximum at 48000KHZ Sampling rate.

Sometimes Viper4Android struggles to process audio from YouTube but works fine with other Audio Players including Spotify. So it is one thing that needs to keep in mind.

How to Fix Viper4Android Not working and Not processing in Android 12 and Custom ROMs

Now let’s follow the process of how to install and patch the Audio Effects in Android 12 and Custom ROMs using Audio Compatibility Patch.

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager.

Step 2: Head on to the Modules section inside Magisk Manager.

Step 3: Click on the Search in Modules section and Type Audio. You should see Audio Compatibility Patch Module on the third or fourth number.

Step 4: Click on the Download icon of the Audio Compatibility Patch Module then select and click on Install and your installation should get started. ( Make sure Internet connection is available )

Step 5: While Installation you would have to use Volume Keys or buttons to select the settings. The Settings are given below:

  • Press Volume Down ( NO ) for 1st prompt to patch Audio policy ( deep buffer removal ) which comes in handy if you have cracked audio sound.
  • Press Volume Down ( NO ) for 2nd prompt as well to remove the notification helper. This comes in handy if your audio profiles for Music, Call, Alarm, and Notification sound are mixed up which gives you cracked audio sound.
  • Press Volume Up ( YES ) for 3rd prompt which patches USB Policy for USB DACs. You could also choose Volume Down ( NO ) if you don’t want to patch USB DAC but I did on my Android 12.
  • [ IMPORTANT! ] Press Volume Up ( YES ) for 4th prompt to use Lib Workaround which adds Audio Effects Library Workaround to route audio to correct Audio FX Mod.

So the pattern for the ACP setting is NO NO YES YES.

acp settings

FACT: Well you could use Yes or Volume Up on all the prompts except for Notification Helper Prompt because that patches Cracked Audio Sound which you might not need and might cause some issue on your Android device.

[ NOTE: You have to be very quick while the installation otherwise the installation will fail or you will miss the suitable settings. If you miss any settings then you have to delete the Module and Restart installation again ]

Additional Step for Viper4Android Not Working or Processing on Android 12 or Custom ROMs

Some users suggest that if you don’t have the BusyBox library installed then your ROM will not process Audio Effects because ROM audio drivers for C++ or C+ applications aren’t available by default which needs to work to process Audio Effects or Audio Mods like VIper4Android FX.

I don’t know how much this is true but installing BusyBox Applets as well might help fix the issue of Viper4Android Not Working or Not Processing in Android. By the way, installing BusyBox doesn’t cost anything so give it a try.

How to install BusyBox in Android 11, Android 10 and Android 12.

To install BusyBox applets is very simple. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download & Install BusyBox APK from PlayStore & APKMirror or Download BusyBox Magisk Module

Step 2: After installing BusyBox, Select the location where you want to install. Normally /system/xbin or you could also install in /system/bin if you want then the custom path is also available but I wouldn’t recommend because /system/xbin is the default location.

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Your Viper4AndroidFX, not processing should now get fixed 100%. If these above settings are not working, then Watch this video or comment down below.

[ New Update March 2022 ] Viper4Android not working Android 12 and Above

If the solutions mentioned above still not working then there are more two methods to fix Viper4Android not working in Android 12. One is using Magisk Module and the other is disabling System Sound Effect.

Fix Viper not working in Android 12 with Viper4Android Fix Android 12 Magisk Module

To fix viper not working or not processing audio then flash Viper4Android Fix Android 12 Magisk Module. You can find the Viper Fix Magisk Module in my Telegram Channel. Nooberinfo Telegram ChannelViper4Android Fix Magisk Module

Fix Viper not Processing in Android 12 by disabling System Sound Effects.

This is a bit technical but it will do the job. You have to disable system sound effects with Terminal Emulator App like Termux


AML ( Audio Modification Library ) by ZackPTg5
Dolby Atmos Magic Revision at Pling
KO code at Telegram
Viper4Android (Obviously)Telegram Link

So first you have to install the AML Module then identify the System Sound Effect that is causing the viper processing problem.

Follow the steps below to disable System Sound Effect:

Step 1: Install AML Module

Step 2: Download Dolby Atmos Magic Revision from GitHub so that we can identify the System Sound Effect whether it is Dirac or Mi Sound FX.

Step 3: Install Dolby Atmos Magic Revision Magisk Module. While installing the module it will detect the system sound effect that needs to be disabled. Check the picture.

dolby atmos magic revision

Step 4: After you have identified the System sound effect, Install the Termux application from Google Playstore.

Step 5: After installing Termux open the app and type su to give it superuser privilege.

Step 6: Then open KO Article and at the bottom of the article, you should see disable Dirac sound fx or Mi sound fx. Depending on the detection, copy any of the following commands. If Dolby detected Dirac then copy disable Dirac command if mi sound fx then copy disable Misound

You can disable your in-built dirac soundfx if you sure it’s conflicting with Dolby:

setprop disable.dirac 1

You can disable your in-built misoundfx if you sure it’s conflicting with Dolby:

setprop disable.misoundfx 1

For Dolby Audio Moto G6, you can use black theme UI instead of newer white theme:

setprop dolby.blackui 1

You can reset Dolby data. This may required also if you have Dolby inbuilt:

setprop dolby.cleanup 1

Step 7: After copying any of the commands depending on the sound effect application, copy the following command and paste inside Termux, and hit ↵ Enter.

Step 8: Reboot the device.

Step 9: Open Viper4AndroidFx after Reboot

Step 10: Check if Viper is Processing or not. If not then Enable Legacy mode in Viper Settings then play around with that setting for a while and Viper should start processing the audio.

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