How do I create a Magisk zip file: How to convert Magisk APK to Magisk Zip Installer?

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Unable to find Magisk 23.0 zip File on GitHub – How to get Magisk Zip Installer version 23.0

Are you searching for Magisk Zip Installer version 23.0 but unable to find it even on GitHub. You would only find Magisk APK version 23.0. But here is a method that will save you from this trouble.

Previously users were able to download Magisk Zip from Github, but after Magisk version 22.0, there has not been any zip file available to download. But worry, not I will explain how you can extract Magisk Zip from Magisk APK. It is very easy and simple.

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How do I create Magisk zip file – How to convert Magisk APK to Magisk Zip – How to use Magisk APK as Magisk Zip and Install through TWRP Recovery, like a normal flashable zip – Search Query

To create a Magisk zip file from APK or, To use and install Magisk APK as Magisk Zip, follow the steps below.

How to Create Magisk Zip Installer File from Magisk APK? – Convert Magisk APK to Magisk Zip

Step 1: Download Magisk APK Latest from Github

Step 2: After download Magisk APK, Open File Manager and navigate to the folder where you have downloaded Magisk APK.

Step 3: After navigating to the downloaded folder, press and hold Magisk APK

Step 4: After that, choose Rename from the 3 dots menu option in the File Manager.

Step 5: Now, Rename the file by only changing its extension. Rename Magisk v23.0.apk to Magisk Just change the .apk extension to .zip and your Magisk Zip file would be ready.

Step 6: Boot into Recovery and flash this Renamed Magisk Zip as a normal flashable zip, and your device should be rooted with Magisk.

Note: This renaming process can also be done inside the Custom Recovery as well.

Congratulations 🎉 Now, you have successfully created MagRisk Zip Installer by renaming Magisk APK and installing it as a zip file on your device. This is how to create a Magisk Zip file from Magisk APK.

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