Magisk Modules option not showing

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Major changes to Magisk Manager v24

Are you searching for Magisk Modules Repository in the Latest Magisk But not available? You should know that there has been a major change to the latest Magisk v24.0 and above.

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Now coming to Magisk Modules option not showing. Magisk Developer TopJohnWu has removed the repository for Magisk Modules in the latest Magisk Manager.

That’s why you cannot install or download Magisk Modules from the Magisk Manager App anymore.

But some developers have developed Apps to let you download and Install Magisk Modules.

You can also download and install Magisk Modules from GitHub, but you have to find Modules yourselves.

But with the help of these Apps, you can download and install Modules with ease, and there are a bunch of collections of Magisk Modules.

I have also made a video on how you can download and install Magisk Modules from these two Apps.

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Magisk Manager Modules option not showing – No Magisk Modules Repository.

magisk modules repository not available

So I will tell you about two Apps through which you can install Magisk Modules.

  1. Magic Mask Repo: Magic Mask Repo is developed by the popular Xiaomi Tipster Xiaomiui team.

Magic Mask Repo by Xiaomiui Application is available to download from Google PlayStore.

The UI of Magic Mask Repo is very friendly. If you want to install any Magisk Module, first, you have to download from there, then click on install to install the Module.

But the App contains Ads which is to keep in mind. It doesn’t have many, but minimal Ads. So this is what you get for the Modules Repository service.

Magic Mask Repo has the same Magisk Modules available to download that Original Magisk Manager had.

  1. Fox Magisk Module Manager: Fox Magisk Module Manager is developed by Fox2code.

This App also contains Ads just like Magic Mask Repo. It also takes a few seconds to load the Magisk Modules Repository.

But it has way more Magisk Modules available to download than Magic Mask Repo. It has all Magisk Modules, old and new.

The UI of Fox Magisk Module Manager looks outdated, but it does the job very well.

One thing to note is that when you install any Magisk Modules, it directly downloads and installs it, unlike the Magic Mask Repo, where you have to download then it will give you the option to install it.

So these were two Apps that give a collection of Magisk Modules. It is the current replacement for Magisk Manager Magisk Modules.

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If you don’t have Magisk Modules Repository, use these two apps to download and install Magisk Modules.

You can also get the Magisk Module from GitHub Repository.

Magisk Modules Github Repository 1

Magisk Modules Github Repository 2 by Fox2code

If you have any idea about similar kinds of apps, feel free to comment.

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