What is Magisk Module? How to Configure it?

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Magisk Module, What is it?

Magisk Modules are just extensions of Magisk to give users more features and functionality. Magisk Modules are helpful to tweak Android and bring features of other OEMs to their device of liking. There are also third-party tweaks available.

Magisk Modules are the same as Xposed but the only difference between them is that Magisk uses systemless integration whereas Xposed uses system integration. 

Systemless Module integration is the safest integration because it doesn’t mess up with the System Partition. 

Use of Magisk Modules.

Just like I told you before that Magisk Modules bring many features to the device. But it is up to the module compatibility. Magisk Modules are very useful who tweak their phone very heavily. But Tweaking beyond compatibility can be risky even if it is compatible. Bugs can mess up your device.

The phone got into Bootloop due to Magisk Module.

If a Magisk Module makes it harder for your device to boot up then definitely uninstall it. You can uninstall it from Recovery by flashing Magisk MM Recovery Module. If you haven’t downloaded this module before then you can also find it from Google.
If you are still confused and not able to do it then here is a quick video guide for you.

How to configure Magisk Module: ( Enable Disable or Delete. )

If you want a guide on how to Enable, Disable, or Delete Magisk Module then it is very easy.

To Install Magisk Module:

#1. Go to Magisk Manager and then Go to Modules Section.

#2. Scroll down a little you will see a bunch of Modules there. If you want to install then click on Download Button.

#3. After Clicking Download, you will see two options either to Download the Module or directly Install it. Choose Install.

#4. After clicking on Install, it will take a few seconds to download and then start Installing. During the Installing could even ask you how to move forward to complete the installation.

#5. After completing Installation, Reboot your device and your installation is done.

To Enable Magisk Module.

When you install a module it automatically activates so you don’t need to activate it. But In case you already have disabled then you will see a Toggle button on Magisk Modules at the top where it says Installed Modules. On the right side of each Module, there will be a toggle to Enable or Disable. And after changing the toggle just Reboot.

To Disable Magisk Module.

#1. Go to Magisk Manager then go to the Modules section.

#2. Then at the top, there will be installed modules. To disable just click on the Toggle button of the Module that you want to disable.

#3. Finally, just reboot to complete Disabling.

To Remove or Delete Magisk Module.

#1. Go to Magisk Manager and then go to the Modules section.

#2. Click on ” Remove ” or click the dustbin button to Remove or Delete the module.

#3. Now, Reboot your device and your Module will be deleted.

This way you can configure your Magisk Modules section. It was easy and simple, wasn’t it?

In case you want a video guide here it is.

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