Bypass SafetyNet API Error: SafetyNet API Error 2021 Android 11 Fix

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magisk safetynet fix android 11 2021
Magisk SafetyNet fix

SafetyNet API Error Magisk Android 11 2021 – Issue and Fix Introduction

So you are getting a SafetyNet API Error or Magisk SafetyNet Attestation Failed on your device. Well, you can fix SafetyNet API Error Magisk in a very simple way. You got this error because you may have installed Custom ROM and Rooted your device with Magisk. Device User Fingerprint is the main cause for this because those fingerprints are based on pixel devices. So let’s fix this issue.

To fix SafetyNet API Error on Magisk or to Bypass SafetyNet Magisk, Follow the Process below.

NOTE: Follow all the steps accordingly to get the best possible result.

Magisk SafetyNet Fix 2021: SafetyNet Fix Android 11 – How to Fix SafetyNet API Error

1. Magisk SafetyNet Fix 2021 Android 11 using System Settings. ( Custom ROMs only, Stock ROM devices not mandatory to do this process. )

Step 1: Go to System Settings

Step 2: Go to the System or Customisation tab or search in the search bar – Signature, Spoof or Allow Signature Spoof

Step 3: When you find this setting ( Allow Signature Spoof ), Turn ON this Setting.

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2. Fix Magisk SafetyNet failed using the Magisk Hide feature.

Step 1: Install Magsik if you haven’t.

Step 2: Open Magisk Manager.

Step 3: Go to Magisk Manager App Settings.

Step 4: Under Magisk Manager Settings, scroll down a little and turn ON Magisk Hide.

Step 5: Now, Go back to Magisk Manager Home.

Step 6: Now, Click on Shield Icon.

Step 7: Now, Click on MagiskHide at the top.

Step 8: Inside the MagiskHide Settings, Click on Google Play Services

Step 9: Turn ON all the MagiskHide Settings for Google Play Services.

Step 10: Now Go back to Magisk Manager Home and Check SafetyNet.

Now your SafetyNet API Error should be resolved, if not, then follow the steps below.

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3. Bypass SafetyNet API Error using MagiskHide Modules – How to install Universal SafetyNet Fix

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager App

Step 2: Go to the Modules section.

Step 3: Search For MagiskHide Props Config Magisk Module file using Search or Scroll down a little and you should find it.

Step 3: Click on the Download button and Choose Install to directly install the Module.

Step 4: It will take a few seconds to flash the module, and ask you to reboot after the Module successfully gets installed. Click on Reboot to reboot the device.

Now your device SafetyNet Error should get resolved. If not, then follow the steps below again.

Step 5: Download Universal SafetyNet Fix 1.1.1 Magisk Module from Github. Use the link it’s linked to Github.

Step 6: Open Magisk Manager App.

Step 7: Go to the Magisk Modules section.

Step 8: At the top, click on ” Install From Storage “

Step 9: Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the SafetyNet Fix File and select it.

Step 10: After selection, the Magisk Module File will install and will ask you to reboot. Click on Reboot to complete the procedure.

Now your device should get a Success message in SafetyNet API Check. If not, then follow the final step.

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4. Magisk SafetyNet Attestation Failed Fix – Magisk Manager SafetyNet API Error – Fix

Step 1: Download the latest Magisk Canary version from Github.

Step 2: After Downloading Magisk Canary, install it on your device.

Step 3: After installing the Magisk Canary version, Open Magisk Manager App.

Step 4: After you open Magisk Manager App, it will ask you to update the Magisk. Click on ” Update ” to update the Magisk. ( Internet connection is needed )

Step 5: It will download the Magisk Canary File and install it. It will then ask you to install it by clicking on Direct Install, and the installation will begin. After installation, it will ask you to Reboot, so Click reboot to complete the process.

Step 6: Now Open Magisk Manager again and check SafetyNet Error. You should get a successful message after following all the above steps.

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Congratulations, You have successfully Bypassed the SafetyNet API Error on Android. All these above methods will work with Magisk version 21.4 to the latest Magisk 23.0. It will also work on Magisk Version 21.4 and below.

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    • Have you tried Magisk Canary and hid Google Play Services from Magisk Hide? You have to Enable all the services of Google Play Services in Magisk Hide to get rid of this error. Also install MagiskHide Props config Module to get better result. Alll these Steps I told you, if you have followed well then you shouldn’t get any SafetyNet issue. If you get the issue even after following all these steps that means it’s due to the ROM Encryption or Device Fingerprint. Your device must have Google Fingerprint to bypass the SafetyNet. That’s the major reason of SafetyNet failed. I hope your query was solved. 😊


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