How to use Magisk Hide? What is MagiskHide?

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What is Magisk Hide?

So, first of all, let’s know what is Magisk Hide?

Well, Magisk Hide allows you to hide Root Access from certain Apps like Banking or Travelling Apps. It can also be used to hide root from other Apps that don’t work on Rooted devices.

But the fact is that you want to use Root Access and your Banking Apps both on your device, and you don’t want to compromise any of them. Right?

So I have a solution for you. Now let’s look at how to use Magisk hide to hide root access from certain apps.

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How to use Magisk Hide?


To hide root it is just child’s play.


#1. Go to Magisk Manager


#2. Click on the Shield icon to access the Magisk Hide section.

#3. ( If you don’t see Magisk Hide, then Go to Magisk Hide Settings then scroll down a little and you should see Magisk Hide. Just tap on the toggle button to enable it. ) After doing this, just go back once and head to the Magisk Hide section and you Should See Magisk Hide. Click on it to Begin.


#4. Inside Magisk Hide, you should see all the Apps. You can choose here which App you want to give root access to and which you do not. When you click on any app you will be able to see all the App’s services and you can choose which services to give Root access to.


That is it. This is how to use Magisk Hide.


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