Migrate App: What is Migrate App – How to use Migrate App

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Migrate App – What is Migrate App

Migrate App is a Custom ROM Migration tool to migrate apps from one ROM to another. It is used during switching between two Custom ROM or Switching from Stock ROM and move apps, Contacts, Messages, easily. Migrate is developed by BaltiApps.

Migrate app has made switching ROMs easy. There are other alternatives as well. If you are long term custom ROM user, then you might remember Titanium Backup. 

But because of its paid features, it has become obsolete in 2021. There is another app similar to this, and it is called Swift Backup. Users are giving good reviews about this app. 

Nonetheless, Migrate is Totally free of cost and very easy to use because of its simple user interface. Migrate has become very popular after the Titanium Backup. Migrate App is available for both Android 10 and 11. You can get Migrate for Android 11 and Migrate for Android 10.

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How to use Migrate App?

how to use migrate app

Now let’s see how you can use Migrate App to backup your Apps, Contacts, Calls, ADB State, etc. Make sure you have installed Custom Recovery and Magisk in your device to proceed further. Follow these steps below to Backup and Restore Apps.


  • Magisk Installed on Device
  • Migrate App to Backup ROM
  • Migrate Helper to Restore Apps after Migration
  • Backup ROM using Migrate App

Step 1: Download and install Migrate App from Play Store.

Step 2: Install Migrate Helper from Play Store as well.

Step 3: Open Migrate App. 

Step 4: Inside Migrate App, Click on Backup, and it will ask you to grant Root Access, then click on “Allow” to proceed by granting it Root Access.

Step 5: After that, it will ask you to grant usage Access permission, then click on “proceed.”

Step 6: As soon as you click on Proceed, it will take you Usage Access inside Settings. Click on “three dots” on the top right corner and then again click on “Show System.”

Step 7: Find Migrate App in Usage Access and permit it Usage Access.

Step 8: After giving Migrate App, Usage Access Permission, Go back to Migrate App again.

Step 9: Now, click on Backup inside Migrate App once again, and now it should take you to Migrate Backup.

Step 10: Choose the Apps that you want to backup and their Permission and Data as well. (Remember that Chrome App won’t back up, and it will give you an error, so it’s better not to select that one.)

Step 11: After you have selected Apps and their settings, click on “Next” to Backup Contacts, Messages, etc.

Step 12: Choose whichever you want to backup from the given options. Most like you would need to Backup Messages and Call Logs, so select these options and click on “Next.”

Step 13: After clicking on Next, Migrate will ask you where to save the Zip files and with what name. So, give the zip a name or add up a name like (ROM Name_Migrate_Backup_07_07_2021.zip) with the default name and choose the location. 

(Recommended to choose Internal Storage because it will back up faster whereas SD Card has slow write speed so it will take little more time than Internal)

Step 14: After choosing the destination and Naming the Zip file, click on “OK” to start backing up your ROM and wait for a while, and at last click on “Finish” to complete the Backup Process

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Step 15: Download and Install App Backup from Play Store or Google.

Step 16: Open App Backup

Step 17: Choose and Backup Migrate Helper App.

Step 18: After Migrate Helper App backup, Go to File Manager and move that APK to the destination where you can keep it after changing ROM. You will need this APK file During the Restoration process.

Now you have completed the Backup of your ROM. Now let’s see how you can Restore the Backup after ROM Migration.

To Restore your Backup, you have to flash another ROM, then after the ROM flash all Migrate Zips and Magisk.

Step 1: Boot your device to Recovery.

Step 2: Wipe necessary partitions to change ROM. Wipe Cache, Dalvik, Data, System, Vendor from WIPE section.

Step 3: Go to Install Zips inside your Recovery and Choose the ROM and flash it.

Step 4: After Flashing ROM, Flash GApps, Decrypt file, and Magisk. No need to flash GApps if the build is GApped ROM. But you must flash Magisk.

Step 5: After Flashing ROM, GApps, and Magisk, Flash All Migrate Zips from Install Zips. You can flash them one by one or by flash them by keeping them in a queue.

Step 6: After successfully Flashing ROM, GApps, Magisk, Decrypt Zip, and Migrate Zips, Reboot your device.

Step 7: After the Device Reboots successfully, set up your device.

Now Let’s Restore the Migrate Backup. Follow the steps below.

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How to use Migrate Helper? – Restore ROM using Migrate App

Step 1: After Setting up your device for the first on your new ROM, A Restore Notification will Pop up, and then click on the pop-up notification

If it doesn’t pop up, then Sign in to Google Play Store and download Migrate Helper. You can use Backup APK of Migrate Helper if you have backed up.

Step 2: After downloading and installing Migrate Helper, open the App.

Step 3: After you have opened Migrate Helper App, it will ask for Root Access, so click on “Allow” to grant Root Access.

Step 4: After that, it may ask for Usage Access Permission, so if it asks, then give it Usage Access Permission. ( Step same as Backup process )

Step 5: After giving Usage Access Permission, It will display an interface where all apps, Messages, and Call Logs would be displayed. Choose whichever you want to restore and click on “Restore.”

Step 6: If you have selected Messages and Call logs in Restore, then it will ask you to install Migrate Addon, So click on “Install” to proceed.

Step 7: After you click on Install, it will ask you to change Default for Messages and Calls. So change the default and choose Migrate Restore Messages and Calls.

Step 8: It will then start Restoring your Call Logs and Messages, and at last, it will Restore all Apps. After Restoration of all Apps and Messages and Call logs, Click on Finalize to finish the process.

Step 9: As soon as you click on Finalize, it will ask you again to Change defaults for Messages and Call logs. So choose your Default Message and Call App, like it was in its original state.

Step 10: After changing the defaults, click on Finish to Complete the Restoration process. It will delete Migrate Zips installed in Cache Partition. ( It won’t delete your actual Migrate Zips )

Congratulations, 🎉👏 You have successfully Backed up and Restored Apps between two ROMs. The process is long, but it’s easy as well.

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Migrate Flasher

Migrate Flasher is an in ROM Migrate Zip flasher app to restore Backed up files. It is similar to Custom Recovery but it is specifically designed to flash Migrate backup zips in Migrate Flasher. You can flash Migrate Backup zips into Migrate Flasher.

This App is also a very easy-to-use tool. If you want to use Migrate Flasher instead of Custom Recovery to flash Migrate zips, then you can do so.

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How do I use Migrate App?

To use Migrate App, you need to have root access and Custom Recovery as well to move apps from one ROM to another. The methods for how to use Migrate App are given above.

How do I use Migrate Helper?

Migrate Helper is Migrate App restoration tool of backed up ROM. To use Migrate Helper the steps are given above.

What is Migrate in Android?

Migrate is a Custom ROM Migration tool to backup ROM and Restore it into another ROM. Migrate can backup Apps, Messages, Call Logs, ADB State, Fonts, Wallpapers, etc. Migrate is a very helpful app to migrate apps from one ROM to another or to switch between ROMs.

Does migrate app need root?

Yes, Migrate app need Root Access to work around. Without Root, Migrate App won’t work or Backup your ROM.

What is the best Backup App for Custom ROM?

Migrate and Titanium Backup are the best Apps for Custom ROM Migration and to Backup ROM or Apps and restore to another ROM.

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