Magisk Hide not showing. | No Magisk Hide Option. How to fix It.

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Magisk Hide Not Showing.

So, under the Magisk Hide section, you didn’t find Magisk Hide, Right?

It is not an issue with the Magisk App but it is in the Magisk Settings that you have to enable manually. Don’t misunderstand that it is a bug or issue of the Magisk Manager.

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To fix Magisk Manager not showing.

#1. Go to Magisk Manager.

#2. Go to Magisk Settings.

#3. Inside Magisk settings, scroll down a little and you should see Magisk Hide under the label Magisk.

#4. Click on the toggle button to Enable Magisk Hide.

( Go back once and then go to the Magisk Hide section again and you should now see Magisk Hide Option. )

You have successfully enabled Magisk Hide Option.

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[ New Update ] Magisk Hide not available in Latest Magisk Manager v24

If you cannot find the Magisk Hide in Latest Manager then it is because There has been a major upgrade with the Magisk v24. Zygisk is also implemented with the latest Magisk Manager v24.

Magisk hide option has not been removed from Magisk Manager but moved under Magisk Manager Settings that goes by the name DenyList.

Magisk Hide is now known as the Magisk Deny List with additional features like Zygisk. I will make an article on Zygisk soon.

So inside the Denylist, the functionality is the same as the MagiskHide but the only change is in the name. So there you go, you can now call MagiskHide as ZygiskHide.

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How to DenyList in Magisk Manager: How to enable Zygisk

To find the DenyList in Magisk Manager follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Magisk Manager.

Step 2: Open Magisk Manager Settings, and scroll down a little until you see DenyList under the Magisk section.

magisk manager settings

Step 3: Enable Magisk DenyList and then you can configure Apps to Hide Root in Android.

magisk denylist

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