How To Use Magisk Manager? Easy and Simple.

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It is fairly simple and easy to use Magisk Manager. Well if you don’t understand how to use it then let me teach you. so, let’s go ahead and explore.

Here is the home interface of Magisk Manager.  You Have here to Install Magisk Manager App and Magisk Zip file. Then you have the ( SafetyNET ), If you don’t know what is SafetyNET then click on that word to know more. Back to the topic. Then at last you have the option to uninstall Magisk.


Now at the bottom, you will see some small icons that are the place where you will be doing stuff more.


This one is the Home. You may have known by now so I don’t have to tell you.


The second one is the Shield Icon. This means here you can hide Root from certain Apps that restrict Root access.




The third one is a ( BUG ) icon. You may have known it. If you don’t know what is it then you can click on that word to know more. Basically, you can see here Bug reports, that’s all.


The fourth one is a ( Module ) icon. If you don’t know more about Magisk Modules click on that word to know more. Here you can manage your Magisk Modules. You can Install, Delete, and Inactive them.



Now, Let’s Explore the Settings.


At the Top, you have the THEMES option. You can set how you want your Magisk to look based on appearance.


Here you can choose which version you want to install Magisk. I mean that Beta or Stable Channel version. Here you can also turn ON, DNS over HTTPS if you know what you are doing. You also get other options such as ( Magisk Hide ), Systemless hosts, Tapjaction Protection, Biometric Authentication, etc.


Here is SuperUser Access. Here you can choose what else you want to give ROOT ACCESS to.


MultiUser mode. How do you want ROOT to be accessed?


Then There is Mount Namespace Mode. You can manage ROOT Access by Session.


Automatic Response. This means when an app requests ROOT access then do you want to give it access automatically or do you want to review its request and grant ROOT access manually. 

That is all. If you want an in-depth review I also have that on different posts divided by topics.

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