BUG, What is a software Bug?

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What is a Bug exactly?

A BUG is actually an error of a program or software or a computer, that flaws through the system and cause malfunctioning of the device. Thus this makes the device unstable due to the malfunction of the device. 

How does a Bug occur?

A Bug basically occurs due to the mistakes of coding made by the programmer.  If the programmer inserts incorrect code during the programming or compiling code, then this results in the appearance of the bug. 

Compiling codes can be hard and sometimes it is very often to make mistakes in programming by the programmer. But the Bug can be fixed with a software update.

Types of Bugs.

There are many Bugs that are uncountable or perhaps countable.

Security Related Bugs

Code Compiling Bugs

Software Bugs

Malicious Code Bug

Well, These are the Category of it. Inside them, you can find countless Bugs.

What else can Bug do?

Bugs can cause any problem. It depends on the code what is programmed to do and the missing code can interrupt the stability of the device. If third-party code is injected into the system then this can also cause the appearance of the Bug if the code of the third party does match the system’s code. 

Bugs can literally destroy your device’s functioning if malicious codes are injected. It can even give hackers remote access to your device using third-party code injection. This means a Bug doesn’t have to be an error of the programming. It could also be a third party’s code to infect the device using its code to malfunction or to gain access to the device.

Debugging the Bug.

Yes, the bugs can be debugged by the analysis of the existing code, if errors are found.
The bugs can be debugged by the Developers. The developer has to search find the missing, broken, or incorrect code to fix it. If the system is infected by the third party’s code then the developer has to remove it by updating the security patch. This means blocking a third-party’s code by closing the backdoor system injection.

There are many other processes to debug the Bug.


So, bugs can appear on any device. Bugs don’t have to be an error it could also be malicious code injected into the device software. Bugs can be debugged by the developers or the programmer by updating security patches and missing or broken codes.

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