SafetyNET Android Magisk | What is SafetyNET in Magisk Manger And How to Bypass it?

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What is SafetyNET?

So you are wondering What Actually is a SafetyNet?

Well, SaftyNET is a Google Security API code integrated into Google Play Services and is also another security layer. This API checks if your device is Rooted or has been affected by malware or the System has been modified. It also checks if your device has been tampered with in another way.

 It basically runs API code to check CTS Profile, Signature Validation, and Eval Type. If you are Google Pay then you might have seen it, if you are rooted or Custom ROM User.


This SaftyNET code ensures device health. It makes sure that you don’t have a Rooted device or modified System. If you use Banking Apps and if the SaftyNET detects that your device doesn’t meet its requirement then it blocks App’s Access. Thus you will not be able to use that App. 

It is Up to the App Developer.

Another thing is that if the Developer of an app doesn’t implement Google’s SafetyNet API code then the App works fine. It does not get blocked. It will work as usual. 

But if any developer has implemented this code then you can’t use the app until you meet SaftyNET’s Requirement. It is based upon who is implementing this code or not. Usually, this API is implemented in Banking and Travel Apps. That is how Apps ask for a SafetyNet check to ensure the device’s health and security.

SafetyNET in Magisk Manager.




By default in Magisk Manager, the code is not integrated into Magisk. Because it is Google’s Proprietary code. So, when you click SaftyNET Check, then it simply downloads its code to do the check.


To Check SafetyNET in Magisk Manager.


#1. Click on Check SafetyNET




#2. When you click on that, it will show you this message as shown in the above image. Just Click OK and will Check Instantly.




#3. This is the result you should be getting.


How to Check SafetyNET?

So if you are wondering how to check your Device SaftyNET then you can simply download the App of your choice from Google Play Store. And you can check your device very easily. It just takes a few seconds to check your device.



Choose any one among them.


In case you failed SafetyNET.

Now, if your device fails SaftyNET check then do this. This method only applies to rooted users only.


#1. Go to Magisk Manager.


#2. Go to the Modules section.


#3. Search for MagiskHide Props Config.


#4. Download and Install this Module.


#5. Reboot.


#6. Again go to Magisk Manager.


#7. Go to Settings.


#8. Under the Magisk, you will see MagiskHide.


#9. Turn it ON and give the name whatever you want. In my case I gave ( manager )


#10.  It will reboot. After that check your SaftyNET if it passes or not.

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