Rooting ( Android ), What is Rooting?

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What is Rooting in Android?

To get privileged control over the System by injecting exploit code in the form of Bug to gain access to write-protected files in the System partition and subsystems as well as Apps.

In simple words, To get Administrative control over the system to be able to modify any file containing in the System, subsystem, or the Apps. Thus, this type of Administrative control is known as SuperUser.

What is the use of Rooting Android?

The use of Rooting in Android is to get control over systems and apps to modify or to tweak the device.
By having this type of control, you can literally do everything with the system. You can tweak or modify to get features that you don’t have by default. You can even modify the App to make it work to your liking.

How to Root Android?

Nowadays, Rooting Android has been really difficult. I mean really really difficult. Especially, Phones with custom UI.

Here is the video guide on how to Root Android.

Rooting Android with Stock Android.

You need a PC to do so. 

#1. Install USB Drivers for Qualcomm and Mediatek based on the device.

#2. Download and Install Minimal ADB & Fastboot.

#3. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows.

#4. Connect your PC to your Phone in Fastboot Mode and Unlock Bootloader.

#5. After unlocking Bootloader Reboot your phone to Fastboot Mode again.

For A-Only System Devices.

CODE = fastboot Devices

CODE = fastboot oem Unlock 


               fastboot oem unlock-go

CODE = fastboot oem device-info

For A/B system Devices.

CODE = fastboot Devices

CODE = fastboot flashing unlock

CODE = fastboot flashing unlock_critical

#6. Now Install TWRP on your Phone with these commands.

For A-Only System Devices.

CODE = fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

CODE = fastboot reboot recovery

( and flash Magisk or SuperSU file to Root your Device or simply reboot if you want to Root later. )

NOTE: Make sure to flash No-verity-opt-encrypt or Lazy-flasher zip file to prevent Device Encryption or use FDE0 or Boot image patcher or you have to Format Data to decrypt the device.

For A/B system Devices.

First, you have to change the Slots. If the Slot is Set to A the change it to B if set to be then change it to A. Changing the Active slot is necessary.

To get Slot Information

CODE = fastboot getvar current-slot

CODE = fastboot set_active b  (If it is slot A change it to B)

CODE = fastboot flash boot recovery.img

CODE = fastboot reboot ( hold Volume UP(+) button & enter the command )

( Now you can install Magisk or SuperSU file or simply Reboot.)

NOTE: Make sure to flash No-verity-opt-encrypt or Lazy-flasher zip file to prevent Device Encryption or use FDE0 or Boot image patcher or you have to Format Data to decrypt the device.

Rooting Device with Custom UI. i.e. Xiaomi, oppo, Vivo, etc.

First of all, you have to take permission from your respected vendors.
For Xiaomi devices, you must have Mi Account, or if you don’t have just create it. 
then go to Setting > About section there you should find MIUI Version. Tap on MUI version 7-10 times in a row until you see no need you are already a developer message.

Then go to Settings again then Additional Settings > Developer Options. You should find her Bind Account. Click on it then inside there will be Bind Account option tap on it. Wait for a few seconds. then you should get some message then wait for 10 days to get your account approved to unlock the bootloader.

After 10 days, download & install Mi Unlock. Make sure your Fastboot Drivers are installed. Open Mi Unlock do as it says and Unlock the bootloader.

If you want to prevent mistakes that usually beginners do when they unlock the bootloader and install TWRP to Root Device, then do watch this video.

Preventions if you don’t understand my native language in the Video.

#1. ( Make sure to Backup all your files from your Internal Storage to your SD Card or PC because when you unlock bootloader it will wipe everything in your phone including messages and phone calls. )

#2. Remove all your locks from your device otherwise, this can lead to Device Encryption. And it is possible you will be forced to wipe out the device to decrypt it. That is why I told you in the first place to Backup your Internal Storage.

#3. Download Boot image patchers or No-verity-opt-crypt or Lazyflasher or FDE0 files to decrypt your device. If you are stuck in bootloop then flashing one of these files can decrypt your device.

#4. The best way to patch bootimage is to flash Magisk zip. ( I have tried in the past and I have known that Magisk has the ability to patch the device. )

If you want to want to know the full procedure to install TWRP or any other Custom Recovery then it will be available in another topic.

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