YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version 2022 APK download: Vanced Update

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YouTube Vanced Apk Download Latest Version Update

youtube vanced latest version update

As you people know, YouTube Vanced Project has been shut down for good. But some people are still searching for YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version.

There isn’t any new version coming out now because it has been shut down by Google. But the older version is still working. But someday, it will die too.

So if you are still striving to get the YouTube Vanced Mod APK, stay on this article to know how to get Vanced APK.

YouṣTube Vanced download APK new version: YouTube Vanced APK 2022

youtube vanced

So first of all, you have to get the Vanced Manager APK to install YouTube Vanced Latest version on Android. 

First, download Youtube Vanced Manager from Nooberinfo Telegram Channel or YouTubeVanced because Vanced Manager Github and the Official Vanced Manager website have been taken down.

Download Vanced Manager Latest Version from the Nooberinfo Telegram Channel, then install it. 

After Vanced Manager installation, open the application and install YouTube Vanced latest version from the inside of the App.

But before installing YouTube Vanced, make sure to give it proper Permission to install YouTube Vanced on Android. 

If you don’t give it proper Permission, you will not be able to install YouTube Vanced, and you will complain about the wrong procedure.

So always make sure to give proper Permissions.

To give Vanced Manager App proper Permissions follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap and hold on the Vanced Manager icon

Step 2: Tap on the ( i ) icon from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: You should get redirected to Vanced Manager App information Settings. Scroll down a little and tap on ‘Install Unknown Apps’.

Step 4: If it’s turned OFF, by default, turn it ON by tapping on ‘Allow from this Source’

Step 5: Then, Go back once to Vanced Manager App information Settings and scroll upwards to ‘Permissions’ settings.

Step 6: Tap on Permissions and enable or Allow ‘Network’ and ‘Sensors’ Permissions.

Step 7: Then Go back to Homescreen and Open Vanced Manager App

Step 8: Now, Tap on the install button of YouTube Vanced to install YouTube Vanced.

If you don’t know how to install YouTube Vanced, follow this guide on how to install YouTube Vanced on Android.

If you want to know why YouTube Vanced got shut down or the reason behind its shut down, follow this link to know why Google Forced YouTube Vanced Project to shut down.

And lastly, if you are already a Vanced User and you are facing YouTube Vanced Error 400, or There was a problem with the server 400, follow this guide to know how to fix it.

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