Google Forces YouTube Vanced Project To Shut Down Due To Legal Reasons

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Introduction to YouTube Vanced

youtube vanced shuts down due to legal reasons

Everyone has used YouTube in their life, right? You may be using it right now. But have you heard of YouTube Vanced, which provides AdBlock service to block YouTube Ads and YouTube’s Premium Features?

youtube app

YouTube Vanced is widely popular among the android modding community. Youtube Vanced Provides both Root and Non-Root versions of the App.

YouTube Vanced gives you Background Playback in Picture in Picture mode and lets your block Ads and Sponsor. It also has other features such as, show dislike count and swipe gesture media controls like MX Player.

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YouTube Vanced Shutting Down Matter

Recently Developer of the YouTube Vanced Team made an official notice on Telegram and Twitter quoting-


Vanced has been discontinued. In the coming days, the download links will be taken down. The Discord server, Telegram chat and subreddit will stay for the time being. We know this is not something you wanted to hear, but it’s something we had to do. We want to thank you all for the support over the years.

Edit (1): The existing version will continue to work.

Edit (2): It was done due to legal reasons.

Source: Vanced Telegram Official

Twitter Quote by Official YouTube Vanced Team:

The Developer Team mentioned that they had to shut down YouTube Vanced Project due to legal reasons.

It’s most likely that Google has forced YouTube Vanced Team to shut down their project. Google has finally succeeded in shutting down the YouTube Vanced Project.

YouTube Vanced Users argues on the Official Chat section that shutting down of Vanced was due to the Intellectual property of using YouTube’s Logo and providing users premium features for free like PiP and AdFree Contents.

However, Ads Blocking was available way before YouTube started, so it couldn’t only be the main reason behind shutting down Vanced. There was more to it in this matter.

Some users claim that YouTube Vanced had to shut down due to the selling of YouTube Vanced Logo as an NFT which also uses YouTube’s original logo.

An NFT Joke That Killed YouTube Vanced Project

It seems YouTube Vanced Team dug up their own grave by selling YouTube Logo as an NFT, making a profit of intellectual property.

youtube vanced nft selling screenshot

YouTube Vanced NFT was put up for sale as a joke, but a while later, Vanced Team immediately removed all traces of selling YouTube Vanced NFT and replaced their current YouTube Vanced Logo with a new one on their every social platform.

Later, Vanced Team replied and denied the fact, stating that it was only a joke and YouTube Vanced Project to shut down in some days. What could have happened that made the Vanced team announce the deadline of YoTube Vanced?

Google knew all along about the YouTube Vanced but did not have any reason to make an official lawsuit claim against Vanced Team.

But because of this mistake of Selling YouTube Logo NFT, Google/YouTube got a reason to sue Vanced Team whether it was a joke or not, and this is where it all came to an end for YouTube Vanced.

youtube vanced selling nft

But it has not been clear if the NFT was purchased or not, but surely it was put up for sale as a joke by Vanced Team.

However, YouTube Vanced Team has mentioned in their second tweet denying the fact that it was not due to NFT and NFT has nothing to do with their situation.

But nothing seemed to make sense when it comes to legal reasons. What legal reasons could Google have to sue YouTube Vanced Team? Ad Blocking is legal, because of users’ privacy and their right for opting out of Ads.

So this is how YouTube Vanced Project went to the grave due to an NFT Joke. There might be more to this story of shutting down the Vanced Project. If you know any of it, feel free to comment below what you know about this situation or your opinions and thoughts about it.

Users asks for YouTube Vanced Source Code

source code of vanced

Some Users have also been asking for the source code of YouTube Vanced but Vanced Team replied that it doesn’t have any source code because they modify the original Youtube App. So Vanced is a modded version of the original YouTube.

Opinions and Thoughts of Vanced Users

There are users’ opinions and thoughts on why YouTube Vanced was forced to shut down and what steps did Vanced Team took that came out to be a mistake.

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