Why is Google Server down so suddenly? What is Happening?

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Google Server Down Around The Globe? 

Around 5:40 pm according to Indian Time Zone, Google Server was down. We don’t know if the United States was also affected by this issue but the server was all down, around the globe including India. Apps like Youtube, Google Play Store, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube Studio, and some other Google Apps were also down simultaneously at the same time. The company is trying to fix it. 

However, we found out that some of the users were not affected. It was working all fine for them, looks like it could be a Google Accounts issue but it is only a guess. 

We don’t have the exact answer if Google’s Server was Hijacked or was it due to a server crash problem but time will tell the report. 

Another service of Google which is Google Search Engine (google.com) seems to be working fine even after the server down.

 People are panicking and constantly updating this issue on Twitter from all over the world.

Seems to be some services of Google are recovering as of now about 1 hour later.

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