Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro Specifications

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Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro Introduction

Realme has teased Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro to launch in India soon. Realme has launched before the S series of watches.

Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro Display

realme watch 2 pro display
Realme Watch 2 Pro Display

The display is1.75″ inch Color display size for Realme Watch 2 Pro and a slightly small size i.e.1.4″ inch Color display for a non-Pro variant. It’s not confirmed, if it would come with Super AMOLED Display or IPS Display. We will know when it has finally been announced.

Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro Battery

The battery of the Realme 2 watch will last long 12 days and 14 days goes but with Pro Variant, you get two days extra battery life. Other than that, there is no information about the charging technology.

Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro Water Resistant

The Realme 2 and 2 Pro, both come with IP68 water-resistant as IP ratings are a priority for sports-type watches.

Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro SPO2

realme watch 2 and 2 pro

SPO2 Sensor has also been included for Blood and oxygen level measuring in Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro as it has become mandatory after the pandemic.

Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro Other Features

The other features for Realme Watch 2 and 2 Pro are 90 Sports Mode, 100+ Watch Faces, Sleep Monitor, AIoT Smart Control, Built-In Realme Link, and GPS. These are the basic features that can be seen in both Smartwatches.

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