How To Fix Telegram “Not Connecting” on Mobile Data or WiFi

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Telegram Not Connecting


So wondering how to fix Telegram not working even after connected to the internet, right? Basically, this happens due to downtime based on the location you live in. Companies like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Telegram have their servers all over the world, so due to heavy traffic you can face issues like downtime or you will see ” Connecting… ” dialogue when you are surfing Telegram. This is what causes the issue.

Now let’s talk about how to fix that issue.

To fix this issue it is very simple, you can use VPNs or Proxy servers. You can find them on Google based on SOCKS5 or HTTPS. This is what usually most people do. They just copy and paste the proxies and BAMM! their Telegram Apps works as usual. 
But the simplest and easiest way that I’m going to tell you that you have hardly known from somewhere else. Because I also found this recently. So let’s dive into the main step.
# Step 1: Open your Telegram App


# Step 2: Go to search


# Step 3: Type here ” MTproto Proxies ” Just as shown below.


# Step 4: A list will open of Proxy channel that provides free proxies. You can choose any channel you like. But I recommend ” MTproto Proxies ” because it also tells you the country server you are connecting to.


# Step 5: You will see a long list of Proxies that are available on this channel that says ” Connect “.


# Step 6: Click on Connect to your desired location just like VPNs.
Now, you are good to go.
When you are connected it will show you the “Shield” icon on the right side of the Topbar.


That is it. Now your Telegram App should work fine as usual. You can also try using VPN to resolve this issue. You can get any VPN from the Play Store and use it to fix the connecting issue in Telegram.
New Update: Fix Telegram not connecting or not working on mobile data and WiFi
If your Telegram is showing not connecting then Clear Cache the App and Restart your device to fix this issue.
How to clear cache of Telegram?
Step 1: Tap and hold on Telegram App icon.
Step 2: In App icon option, choose and select App info or click on (i) button if available.
Step 3: Now, You will be redirected to Telegram App App info settings. Here, click on Storage and Cache or Storage and Data.
Step 4: Inside Storage and Cache, Click on Clear Cache to clear the cache.
Step 5: After clearing Telegram cache, Restart or Reboot your device.
Note: Rebooting device once a day is necessary to fix this all common issue. But the problem occurs only with Telegram App. The Web Version works fine. I will make an article on how to use Telegram Web in Android.
Sometimes you have to clear the Telegram App data to and login again to fix the Telegram not connecting issue.
Alternate Solution: I have recently noticed that if you are using Private DNS then the problem doesn’t occur more often. So give it a try. The problem occurs maybe because of Telegram heavy server load and it has App sync issue.

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