Black Shark 4 and 4 Pro launched: Here are the internal specifications and price

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black shark 4 launched
Black Shark 4

Black Shark 4 Series Features and Overview

Last year Xiaomi’s Black Shark 3 successor Black 4 and Black Shark 4 pro officially launched with flagship-grade specifications. Both of these are gaming smartphones just like the Asus ROG gaming smartphone and both of them have the same type of gaming controls as the newly launched ROG Phone 5. The only difference between the Pro and Non-Pro model is the processor and camera, the rest are the same. The Black Shark 4 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and the Black shark Pro variant comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor of 2021. This series also comes top in the Audio department scoring 81 in the DxO mark audio test.

Black Shark 4 DxO Mark Audio
Black Shark 4 DxO Mark Audio

The Xiaomi’s Balck Shark 4 series has some amazing exclusive features for gaming. This series has magnetic power-lifting shoulder buttons and also comes with a built-in 6-pole magnetic drive with 160G key strength. Magnetic power-lifting shoulder buttons are new features that will follow them to the next generation. Other Gaming smartphones use Virtual Keys instead of Physical Buttons. The dual mechanical lift-type physical shoulder keys of the Black Shark 4 will give gamers a better user experience.

black shark 4 buttons
Black Shark 4 buttons

Along with the launch of the Black Shark 4 series, they also unveiled a new Operating System for this series. The new operating system is called the JOYUI that will run on Black Shark 4 Series.

joy ui black shark
Joy UI Black Shark
Black Shark 4 Series

Black Shark 4 Specifications

The Xiaomi’s Balck Shark 4 comes with Samsung’s new E4 AMOLED display with 144hz of refresh rate and 720hz of Multi-touch sampling rate. The size of the display is 6.67inch with a punch hole for selfies.
The display is buttery smooth for gaming and also for watching content.

The Black Shark 4 will sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 which is an overclocked version of last year’s flagship 865+. The smartphone indeed supports 5G.

Black Shark 4 Camera

The other specifications of this smartphone are a 48MP primary camera followed by the 8MP Ultrawide and 5MP Macro camera sensor. On the front, it is having 20MP for Selfie shooters. It has the support of WiFi 6, NFC, and Dual Stereo Speakers for rich quality sound.
There is a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for security and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Along with 120W of fast charging support. It is fueled by 4500mAh of battery and LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 Storage.

Black Shark 4 Charging
cooling system black shark 4
Cooling System Black Shark 4

Black Shark 4 Pro specifications

Black Shark 4 Series Specs

The Black Shark 4 Pro model also comes with Samsung’s E4 AMOLED display with a 144hz refresh rate and 720hz Multi-touch sampling rate. The touch response delay of this smartphone is 8.3ms. The dimension of this Pro model is also 6.67inch.

The Pro model of Black Shark 4 will sport the flagship processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888 along with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage type. They have also included SSD to speed up read/write speed.

The cooling mechanism of Black Shark 4 pro is the so-called “SANDWICH” cooling system. It has a built-in double-layer heat dissipation system which helps reduce the CPU temperature and thus gives a good CPU score. In the Antutu Benchmark score, the Black Shark 4 Pro scored 867578 points in total with a 16GB+512GB variant.

Just like the Asus ROG Phone 5, the Black Shark 4 Pro also uses a full-scene – X Antenna for better network acceleration.

In the camera department, the Black Shark 4 Pro uses 64MP Primary Camera followed by an 8MP Ultrawide and 5MP Macro for macro photography. It has the same battery capacity as the non-Pro model that is 4500mAh of battery capacity and supports 120W of Fast Charging. It also has the same Dual Stereo Speakers and support for WiFi 6, NFC, x-axis linear motor, 3.5mm headphone jack, side-mounted fingerprint sensor for security, and DC dimming. The software that will run on this model is JOYUI 12.5.

Black Shark 4 UFS 3.1 & SSD
Black Shark 4 Pro Antutu Score

Price of Black Shark 4 series.

Black Shark 4

6GB + 128GB – 2499 yuan ($384) – 27,850₹ + tax

8GB + 128GB – 2699 yuan ($415) – 30,101₹ + tax

12GB + 128GB – 2999 yuan ($461) – 22,438₹ + tax

12GB + 256GB – 3299 yuan ($507) – 36,775₹ + tax

Black Shark 4 Pro

8GB + 256GB – 3999 yuan ($614) – 44,535₹ + tax

12GB + 256GB – 4499 yuan ($691) – 50,120₹ + tax

16GB + 512GB – 5299 yuan ($814) – 59,036₹ + tax

black shark 4 price
Black Shark 4 Price

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