Apex Legends Mobile Release Date 2022: Apex Legends Mobile Download

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Apex Legends Mobile to roll out soon in India and globally

apex legends mobile android download

Apex Legends – Almost every PC Gamer knows this game. Apex Legends is one of the most widely popular Desktop PC Games in modern times.

It’s a battle royale shooting title like any other BR (Battle Royale) shooting game. But the game is different from other BR games in one major aspect, i.e. the characters have unique abilities. But we will see that when it has officially launched.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date Announced – Apex Legends Mobile Release Date in India 2022

apex legends mobile

If your question is When is Apex Legends Mobile coming out? 

The Apex Legends Mobile version has finally been finalized for rollout after the first and last announcement by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment back in 2019. 

Now, It’s official and will be rolling out for Android and iOS devices soon. The official launch date for Apex Legends Mobile is May 17th, 2022.

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available for Pre-Registration for Android and iOS on PlayStore and App Store. Apex Legends Mobile Pre-Register below.

Apex Legends Mobile Changelogs updates and Features

apex legends mobile

The game will definitely be free to play, just like the original PC game. But the mobile version will begin its native Season system starting with Season 1 next week, unlike the PC and console versions, which are currently running on Season 13. PC and Mobile versions of Apex Legends will have a different Season System.

The game has been in the beta phase for quite a while now. Beta testers have reportedly said that the experience of Apex Legends Mobile is close to that of PCs and consoles.

In Apex Legends Mobile, the game will also have several new features, including new game modes and social tie-ins.

Those who pre-register for the Apex Legends Mobike game will get access to some exclusive in-game banners, gun charms, and legend skins. Users pre-registered will get a Fateful Games banner frame, On Target banner pose and Molten Earth epic skin for Bloodhound, Teeth Cutter R99 skin, and even a holo spray.

Apex Legends Mobile Launch trailer

King’s Cayon will be absent in Apex Legends Mobile at the launch of Apex Legends Mobile in the BR Map Rotation.

apex legends mobile kings cayon

Players looking towards King’s Cayon in BR (Battle Royale) Map Rotation will not be available, which is PC Apex Legends players’ fan favorite.

Dropping into a familiar map is what a player looks for, but it will not be available in the BR rotation global launch of Apex Legends Mobile. 

Because as mentioned before, Apex Legends Mobile will have its native Season system, which will be different from desktop PC Apex Legends Seasons and Maps.

However, some parts of the map will still be available, but it will be an entirely different map than it used to be on the PC Game version. 

But the seasons would get developed differently from the Desktop version from the ground up, which will be perfectly optimized for mobile platforms.

Apex Legends Mobile Download – Where can I download Apex Legend Mobile Game on Android and iOS?

apex legends mobile download

Users can download the Apex Legends Mobile game from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Users can also visit EA’s official website to get the Apex Legends Mobile game.

Here are the links:

Apex Legends Mobile iOS

Apex Legends Mobile Android

What else more PC Games would you like to have for Mobile devices. Tell us in the comment section below.

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