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Android System Webview. What is it?


Are you figuring out what is Android System Webview in Android Developer Options? What is the use of Android System Webview, or should you disable it?


You may be wondering why is Android System Webview present on your phone?


Well, the Android system WebView is a part of the Android operating system. Just like its name WebView, that means it shows you the content in web format.


Android System WebView is like a small version of Web Browser integrated into your Android Operating System. When you browse through your Apps and click on any link, it instantly opens up without leaving your App. The Apps doesn’t have its integrated browser so that is why it uses Android System Webview to show the link’s content in web format. It is how the Android System Webview works. It acts as an integrated browser in your phone to show you the link’s content without even leaving the app itself. 


It was all before the Android version of Nougat until the chrome browser took its place as Android System Webview. Chrome is now the default System Webview that instantly opens up links for you without leaving the App.


Android System Webview Update – Issue and fixes.


Android System Webview was not updatable before Google decided to separate it from the Android Operating System. Android System Webview is now separately available to update in Google Play Store but, it was not the same before. Android System Webview integrated into the system and, it was only updated when Android Operating System Upgrades to a newer version of Android OS. Android System had lots of bugs when it shipped with the new OS and was a pain for users to view links in a web format that is why Google decided to separate the Android system Webview from its core OS to an Android APK to improve user experience and bug fixes. Android System Webview can now get updated through Google Play Store.



Should you disable Android System Webview? Or Should you uninstall it completely?


In Android version Nougat, however, you can Uninstall the App Completely but, with the newer version of android, you have only the option to Disable it. But should you disable the Android System Webview? It would be the best suggestion to keep the Application installed because it doesn’t harm your device in any sort of way or lag your phone. But rather than it gives you the best user experience to get your job done. It does help you speed up your workflow a little bit and, so something is better than nothing. 


How To Enable Android System Webview

In case you have previously disabled Android System Webview or disabled by default then go to System Settings > All Apps or Installed Apps or Apps and Notification or Apps and Features > Seel All Apps ( If you have 3 dots at the top right corner then click on it and select “Show System” ) > Search for Android System Webview ( You should see at the beginning after scrolling a little down ) > Select Android System Webview > ( You should see Enable and Force Stop Option ) Click on “Enable”

The images above show the steps.


To Disable Android System Webview

To disable Android System Webview, the procedure is the same as enabling System Webview but at the last, you have to Disable instead of enabling.


Android System Webview is not updating or update problem

Are you struggling to update your Android System WebView app? Well, The updating issue can get fixed by using just a simple trick.


To update the Android system Webview app, follow these steps.

1. Go to your home screen, here, press & hold on Google Play Store App until the App info option pops up.


2. Click on App info of Google Play Store.


3. Here, click on the storage & cache option


4. Inside the storage and cache option, click on Clear Storage 


5. A confirmation will pop up click on OK.


6. Now, sign in again to your Google Play Store. Skip this step if not asked.


7. After signing into Google Play Store, go to 3 lines that you see as a hamburger icon, there choose My Apps & Games.


8. Inside My Apps & Games, click on check for updates then, go back and close Google Play Store


9. Now, after 2-3 mins, open the play store again then, again go to my apps and games, this time you should see apps that aren’t updated.


10. Click on Android System Webview to update it.


11. After that, it should start updating.


12. Also, Update Chrome Browser because it is the Default System Webview in Android.


Note: Don’t click on Update All. In this way, the Android System Webview won’t update. Update Chrome and System Webview one by one and, then later, you can update all apps at once.


Android System Webview and Chrome still not updating.


If you are still having trouble updating Android System Webview and Chrome from Play Store then, go to APKMirror and download the latest Google Play Services and Play Store

If you don’t know the architecture version of your device, then install Device HW Info App from the Play Store or APKmirror on your phone and check your device architecture then download the same Architecture Package App to ensure the correct and suited version for your Android OS.


If you want to know What Android OS is then, definitely check the article below.

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