Magisk DenyList not working: How to use Shamiko Magisk – Shamiko vs Magisk DenyList

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Introduction to Magisk DenyList/ Zygisk DenyList / Enforce DenyList and Shamiko Magisk

So are confused about Magisk DenyList or Enforce DenyList in Magisk Manager? If so, I will explain everything, What Magisk DenyList is and how it works?

How can you use Magisk’s Zygisk DenyList, and how to hide Root in Android with Enforce DenyList? 

You can also use Shamiko Magisk to Hide the Root Environment in Android completely. Read below to know more about Magisk DenyList and Shamiko. 

I have written in-depth about Shamiko later in this article.

Magisk DenyList: Zygisk DenyList: Enforce DenyList – What Magisk DenyList or Enforce DenyList or Zygisk DenyList ?

Magisk DenyList / Zygisk DenyList / Enforce DenyList is formally a MagiskHide Tool that helps you hide root from certain Apps like Banking, Train, and Some gaming Apps for Apps to work on the device properly without giving a Rooted Device warning.

Magisk DenyList, Zygisk DenyList and Enforce DenyList are all same. It’s that people call it with a somewhat different name.

Zygisk is a new implementation in Magisk Manager to better manage Magisk Modules, LSPosed Modules, and Hide Root from Apps.

If you want to know more about Zygisk, follow this article to know all about Zygisk and Zygote process.

So as I mentioned, Enforce DenyList is previously known MagiskHide but is a bit better than MagiskHide.

How to use Magisk DenyList / Zygisk DenyList / Enforce DenyList in Android? – How to Hide Root with Zygisk Enforce DenyList in Android 2022

So let’s begin with how to use Enforce DenyList in Android. Its use case is very similar to previously MagiskHide.

Steps to use Enforce DenyList and Configure Apps in DenyList to Hide Root from Apps:

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Step 2: After Opening Magisk Manager, Tap on Magisk Settings Icon to get into the Settings.

Step 3: Under the Settings Tab of Magisk Manager, Scroll down a little and you should See Zygisk and Enforce DenyList options. 

Tap on Zygisk to enable Zygisk. If you don’t enable Zygisk, you won’t be able to use Enforce DenyList.

Step 4: After Enabling the Zygisk and Enforce DenyList in Magisk Managee Settings, Tap on Configure DenyList to Hide Root from Apps.

Step 5: Inside Configure DenyList, check the boxes of Apps that you want to hide Root from Apps.

Step 6: After Checking the Apps, Tap on the App icon, you have checked.

Step 7: Turn ON all the settings in those Apps to hide root properly.

Step 8: Get back to Homescreen and Check your Apps if those are working fine and the Rooted Device Warning is gone.

Magjsk DenyList Not working: DenyList Magisk Not Working – Zygisk DenyList Configuration

– If the Apps are still detected as Rooted Device, then follow the steps below:

Step 9: Open Magisk Manager App

Step 10: Tap on Magisk Settings

Step 11: Inside Magisk Settings, scroll down a little and tap on Configure DenyList

Step 12: Inside Configure DenyList in Magisk Manager App, Tap on three dots at the top right corner. A Pop up will appear.

Step 13: Tap on ‘Show System’ from the Pop-Up option.

Step 14: After enabling ‘Show System’ Apps, Tap on the search icon and type “play services”

Step 15: After typing “play services”, Google Play Services App will appear. Tap on this check box of the Play Services App to Hide Root.

Step 16: Again, Tap on the Play Services App icon and enable all options in the Play Services DenyList options.

Step 17: Now, Tap on the Search icon again and type “play store”

Step 18: After typing “play store”, Google Play Store App will appear. Tap on the checkbox of Play Store to Hide Root.

Step 19: Again, Tap on the Google Play Store App icon and enable all DenyList Options.

Step 20: After hiding root for Play Store and Play Services, Tap on the Search icon again and type “framework”

Step 21: After typing “framework”, Google Services Framework App will appear. Tap on the checkbox and enable all DenyList options.

Step 22: Go back to Homescreen and check if the Root detecting Apps are working fine.

Hide Magisk from banking apps – DenyList Magisk Not working: Magisk DenyList not working

– If Root Detection persists, then follow the steps below:

Step 23: Open Magisk Manager

Step 24: Inside Magisk Manager, Tap on Magisk Settings at the top right corner.

Step 25: Scroll down a little inside Magisk Settings and tap on ‘Hide the Magisk App’

Step 26: After Tapping on ‘Hide The Magisk App’, It will ask you to allow the App installation. Allow the source App for App installation.

Step 27: Now, Give it a unique name. For example – your Title or anything you would like. My surname/title is Murmu, so I input the name “Murmu”

Step 28: After giving it a name, Tap on ‘OK’ to hide the Magisk App. It will immediately start hiding the App with the name that you gave to it. It will take a few seconds to complete.

Step 29: After Hiding Magisk App, go back to Homescreen and then App drawer. Search for your given name to Magisk. i.e. “Murmu”

Step 30: Tap on the name to Open Magisk App. You can also create Magisk Shortcut to Homescreen. To do that, Tap on Magisk Settings and Tap on ‘Add Shortcut to Home screen.’

You have successfully Hide Root on Android. With the help of Magisk DenyList Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and other banking should work fine.

You can also flash Magisk Hide Props Config Magisk Module if Root is not hiding in your device. If you are on the lower version of Magisk, you can try flashing Magisk Hide Props config file to hide root in Android.

However, Magisk Version 24 and above doesn’t need the Magisk Hide Props Config Magisk Module File because Zygisk is implemented in Magisk App to do the same job as Magisk Hide Props Config Module.

Magisk Hide Alternative ( Alternative to Magisk Hide Props Config Module and Magisk Hide – Shamiko Magisk formally ‘Shamiko’

So here is an alternative to Magisk Hide and Magisk Hide Props Config Magisk Module and Magisk Hide Setting and Magisk Enforce DenyList, as well. It is known as Shamiko Magisk Module.

What is Shamiko Magisk Module? New Way to Hide Root in Android 12 and lower versions

Kdrag0n from RikkaApps has developed Shamiko Magisk Module in collaboration with the LSPosed Developers Team. Shamiko was built to work only with Zygisk because Zygisk gives a more advanced Root Hiding Mechanism.

Shamiko is a Magisk Module that works similarly to Magisk DenyList ( Zygisk DenyList ), and it Hides Magisk Root, Hides Zygisk and Zygisk Process, Magisk Modules, LSPosed, and LSPosed Modules except for Magisk App. 

So Magisk’s Configure DenyList is like a Shamiko’s Exclusion List for Hiding Root from Apps.

Fundamentally, Shamiko Hides all the Magisk Root, Magisk Modules, LSPosed, LSPosed Modules, and Zygisk Zygote process environment completely from the device. 

So this way, Banking Apps won’t know if the device has been Rooted because the Root Environment is completely hidden by Shamiko Module.

In other words, Shamiko works exactly as Magisk DenyList But in an Exclusion way for hiding Root. Shamiko Hides the Root Environment from System.

Shamiko Hides the Root Environment, whereas Magisk DenyList Hides only Root Access From Certain Apps. So in a way, Shamiko is a bit better and more advanced than Magisk DenyList.

Currently, system apps (with uid%100000=1000) cannot be hidden even if it’s in the denylist. This issue comes from Magisk.

It’s a bit confusing, But you will understand. I have explained it to you in simple words, so you would get it right.

The explanation for Shamiko vs Magisk DenyList:

Shamiko = Magisk DenyList

– Shamiko => Hides Root Environment (Hides Root System)

– Magisk DenyList => Hides Root From Particular Apps (Rooting System Stays and Hides Root from Specific App only)

– Shamiko => Magisk App Needed to complete Root Hiding

– Magisk DenyList => Magisk App Needed to complete Root Hiding only when critical Apps like MyJio, MPL, Dream11, and Official Banking Apps not working (UPI Apps – GPay & PhonePe works fine)

Shamiko can also replace Magisk Hide Props Config Magisk Module to Hide Root on Android devices. With the help of the Shamiko Magisk Module, you can Hide Root on Android just like the Magisk DenyList. But it works the other way around.

But for Shamiko Magisk Module to work, you must have Magisk App with Zygisk implementation. i.e. Magisk v24 and above versions.

To make the Shamiko Module work, you must also disable Magisk Enforce DenyList. Otherwise, it will conflict with one another and may not work. It will fail to Hide Root if both ‘Enforce DenyList’ and ‘Shamiko’ are enabled.

To check whether Shamiko is Hiding SU, Magisk, Zygisk, Zygote, and Modules, you need to install Momo App. This App will let you monitor your Root Environment Status. It will help you check if Super User Access is properly hidden or not.

Enough with explanation, Let’s see how to use Shamiko Magisk.

Requirements to install Shamiko MM to Hide Root Android:

Magisk Root Installed

Shamiko Magisk Module File

Momo App

How to Install Shamiko Magisk Module? Hide Root in Android 2022

Step 1: Get the Shamiko Magisk Module Zip file and Make sure you have Rooted your device with Magjsk

Step 2: Open Magisk Manager App

Step 3: Inside Magisk Manager App, Tap on Magisk Settings.

Step 4: In Magisk Settings, Scroll down a little and turn ON Zygisk.

Step 5: After turning ON Zygisk, go back to Magisk Homescreen and Tap on Magisk Modules Section. (If Enforce DenyList is ON, turn it OFF)

Step 6: In the Magisk Modules section, Tap on ‘Install from Storage’ and navigate to the folder where you have saved Shamiko Zip, then tap on it to select the file. It will take a few seconds to flash the module.

Step 7: After flashing Shamiko Magisk Module, Tap on ‘Reboot’ to restart your device.

Step 8: After Rebooting the device, Get the Momo APK file and install it. Momo App is a Root detector that will monitor the Root Environment on your device and tell you every Status.

Congratulations 🥳, you have successfully installed and enabled Shamiko Magisk Hide. The installation part for hiding Root on Android with Shamiko has been completed.

Now, Here is the Shamiko usage process.

How to use Shamiko Magisk?: Hide Root on Android with Shamiko – Hide Root from Banking Apps – Hide Root 2022

Root Hide with Shamiko is similar to that of Magisk DenyList. You have to configure Apps in Configure DenyList. Even though ‘Enforce DenyList’ is not enabled, Shamiko Module will use the DenyList App list to Hide Root on Android devices.

Follow the process below to Hide Root on Android with Shamiko Magisk:

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager App.

Step 2: Tap on Magisk Settings in Magisk Manager App.

Step 3: Under Magisk Settings, Scroll down a little and tap on ‘Configure DenyList’ to select Apps from which you want to Hide Root.

Step 4: Inside ‘Configure DenyList’, Tap on the three dots in the top right corner. A Pop-up option will appear.

Step 5: From that Pop-up option, Tap on ‘Show System’

Step 6: After enabling ‘Show System’ in ‘Configure DenyList’, Tap on Search.

Step 7: In the search bar, type “Play Services” then Google Play Services will appear. Tap the checkbox to select the app and turn ON all settings under Google Play Services.

Step 8: Again, Tap on Search and type “Play Store”, Google Play Store will appear. Tap on the checkbox of the app and turn ON all settings under its name to Hide Root Detection.

Step 9: Then again, tap on Search and type “Framework”, and Google Services Framework will appear. Tap on the check box and turn ON all settings under its name.

Step 10: Then Inside ‘Configure DenyList’, Select your desired Apps like MyJio, YonoSBI, PhonePe, GPay, PayTm, MPL, etc to Hide Root. You have to enable other settings of Apps under their name. Otherwise, Apps will still detect Root.

Step 11: Go back to Magisk Settings. Search for ‘Hide The Magisk App’ and tap on it.

Step 12: After tapping on ‘Hide the Magjsk App’, it will ask for permission to install App. Tap on Allow to allow the Magisk App to install a Proxy App.

Step 13: After permitting the App Installation, Give it a unique name. i.e. Dog name, Your name, any title, etc.

Step 14: After giving it a name, it will create a proxy App with the same name you gave it here. Tap on ‘OK’ to complete the process for Hiding Magisk App. A few seconds will take to complete the process.

Step 15: Go to your Homescreen and open the App drawer. Then Tap on the search bar and type the name you gave in the Magisk. 

Step 16: After typing the name on the search bar, it will appear on the App drawer. Tap on that name App to open the Magisk Manager App.

Step 17: After opening the App, it will ask you to add a shortcut of Magisk Manager to your device’s Homescreen. Tap on Add to add a shortcut.

Step 18: After performing all the steps above, Reboot your device. 

After Reboot, check if your Banking and Financial Apps are working fine and not detecting Root.

Hide Root from Banking Apps using Shamiko Magisk Module – Hide Root 2022 in Android 12 & Lower Versions

– Optional Steps to further Hide Root Magisk on Android with App Freezer –

This procedure is to hide the Proxy Magisk App inside App Freezer. So all traces of Root access will be gone completely.

Step 19: Install any App Freezer app. i.e. Air Frozen, IceBox, etc.

Step 20: After installation of the App freezer, Open the Application.

Step 21: After opening App, Tap on the Plus button or Apps tab to select Apps to freeze.

Step 22: Tap on Search inside App freezer and search for {“Proxy App Name you gave it to Magisk App”}

Step 23: After the Magisk Proxy App appear, tap on it to select the app.

Step 24: If App Freezer App has not frozen Magisk Proxy App by default after selecting it, then Manually freeze the Magisk Proxy App.

Congratulations 🥳, You have successfully wiped all the traces of Root Access in your device with Shamiko and App Freezer App.

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