How to install android USB drivers in windows 10: Install Qualcomm HS-Qloader or Mediatek Vcom USB Drivers on PC or laptop.

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install android usb drivers in windows 10
Install Android USB Driver in Windows 10

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Introduction to Android USB Drivers.

USB Drivers are necessary to perform actions on the other devices from PC with USB Cable, such as Android Smartphone or Tablet. USB drivers help the PC Operating System to communicate or interact with Android devices with ease using USB Cables.

You may want to install Qualcomm or Mediatek USB or other OEM vendor USB to install Custom Recovery or ROM or unlock the Bootloader of the Android device.

Here are some methods to install any UBS Driver in Windows Operating System. But first, let’s see what is a USB Driver, then we will come straight to the point of Android USB Drivers’ installation.

What is a USB Driver? What is USB Driver for Android?

A USB driver is a program file that is to be installed on the computer to interact or communicate with the Android device of a particular OEM vendor on a hardware label. USB Drivers helps the PC Operating system recognize the Android device, and users can browse files, edit files, and make changes to the Android device. In simple terms, USB drivers allow the user to control the Android device using their PC or Laptop through a USB cable.

Now, here is the USB driver installation guide.

How to install USB Drivers in Windows 10: Android USB Drivers installation.

You will need to install the USB Drivers Based on the OEMs, or you can also install All-in-one USB Driver that contains all OEM brands’ USB Drivers. You can install USB Drivers based on device Chipset also, such as Qualcomm, Mediatek, Exynos, or Spreadtrum. Let’s look at how to install these drivers. You can also face issues like driver signature not available during driver installation. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get the USB Driver according to your need. If you want Qualcomm drivers, you can get them from searching on Google. If your devices use Mediatek, then Mediatek USB drivers are needed to install on the PC. I will give the link to all the files.

Qualcomm Qualcomm HS-QDLoader 64Bit Qualcomm HS-QDLoader 32Bit

MediaTek USB Pre-loader Vcom signed USB CDC Driver for Xiaomi

Samsung ( Exynos and Qualcomm ) Samsung USB Drivers

Spreadtrum SPD USB Driver R4 20.01.0201

Google USB Driver for Windows


All-In-One Mediatek v1.0.8

Step 2: After getting the files from the web, it’s time to install them. Install them on your PC. The files might be in .inf extension or .msi extension. For .inf, Just right-click and install the USB Driver. For the .msi extension, it is a normal install just as other exe files on the windows program.

Step 3: During the installation of USB drivers, a confirmation message will pop and will ask you whether to install the driver or not. Choose to allow to install USB Drivers, and the message will pop several times so, choose the allow option on all popups.

Step 4: After the Android USB Drivers have been installed on your PC, Restart your Windows to complete changes to the System.

The Android USB drivers should now work after completing the above steps., But in case if you got an error message that says, Device Driver Signature Not Found or not available, then follow the steps below.

How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10: Windows Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

Step 1: Go to System Settings on your Windows OS.

Step 2: After navigating to Settings, then head to “Update and Security”.

Step 3: After getting inside Update and Security, you should see an option as “Recovery,” Select the Recovery section.

Step 4: After going into the Recovery section, you should get “Advance Restart” click on “Restart Now,” and it will take you to Windows Recovery Mode.

Step 5: Inside the Recovery mode, you will get four options, Continue, Turn Off your PC, Use A device, and Troubleshoot. Choose Troubleshoot among them.

Step 6: After that, Under the Troubleshoot option, you should get two options, Reset this PC and Advanced Options. Choose “Advanced Options”

Step 7: Under the Advanced Options, you should see many options. Startup Repair, Uninstall Updates, Startup Settings, UEFI Firmware Settings, Command Prompts, System Restore. Among all of these, Choose “Startup Settings”

Step 8: After clicking on startup settings, click on “Restart”

Step 9: After clicking on Restart, You will get many options to perform actions. Choose “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” by Pressing number key 7 or F7 on your keyboard.

Step 10: Now try to install Android USB Drivers again, and then it should work.

Step 11: After Installing USB Drivers on your PC, Install your desired Software to Unlock Bootloader or Flash Tool to install ROMs.

Step 12: Run the Program and start your job.

Note: After the next reboot, your Driver Signature Enforcement settings will revert to normal. So it is one-time Disable Driver Signature Enforcement, but there is a method to disable it permanently. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement permanently will be updated.

If you want video guide then here it is.

What does Disable Driver Signature Enforcement mean?

disable driver signature enforcement in windows 10 in 2021
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10

Whenever an OEM releases a driver, that driver is sent to Microsoft for driver signature. Microsoft has a Windows driver signing program to validate the drivers for safety installation. Windows Driver Signing is a program by Microsoft that allows OEMs or hardware vendors to submit their drivers to Microsoft to obtain a cryptographic signature and validate the driver. This program ensures that only signed drivers are installed on Windows, and it protects from malicious drivers’ installation from harming the device.

Disable Driver Signature is a method to temporarily disable the Driver Signature option to install unsigned third-party drivers with ease. However, this can be dangerous if the user installed a malicious driver.

How to install USB Drivers using Xiaomi Flashtool Software?

xiaomi mi flashtool usb drivers installation
Xiaomi MI Flashtool USB Drivers Installation

If you install this Xiaomi software then, all your needed USB Drivers will install with one click, and you have to confirm the drivers’ installation by Allowing confirmation popups. Here is how you can do.

Step 1: Get the Xiaomi Flashtool first.

Step 2: Install the Xiaomi Flashtool on your PC or Laptop.

Step 3: Disable the driver signature enforcement. You can follow the above method to disable the driver signature enforcement. This trick will solve the signature issue if it occurs.

Step 4: Open the Xiaomi Flashtool after disabling driver signature enforcement.

Step 5: Go to Drivers and click on Install.

Step 6: After clicking on Install, it will automatically start installing drivers, and you have to Allow the confirmation Popups every time it appears.

Xiaomi Flashtool method is one of the easiest methods to install Android USB Drivers.

Conclusion for USB Drivers Installation

All the above methods should work correctly. You should not have any problems. The Files are also given and you can use them to install on your PC.

If you want to disable driver signature enforcement, then you can also check my other post.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10.

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