Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Windows 10. Easy process.

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Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10.

Wondering How to disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10? Here you are. To disable Driver Signature Enforcement In Windows 10 is quite easy. This is a temporary method, not a permanent one.

Let’s first know what is Driver Signature Enforcement and what the use is.

What is Driver Signature Enforcement?

Driver Signature Enforcement Is a Security Feature built into the Windows system to protect against the installation of unsigned drivers.

Driver Signature Enforcement makes sure that the drivers with only Microsoft Signature will be allowed to load into the Windows kernel. If the Driver vendor has not sent the driver to Microsoft for signing the driver, then it won’t be allowed to load by the Windows into the Windows kernel. 

Thus, Driver Signature Enforcement prevents the drivers to load that Windows understands it as malware. Due to this, Unsigned drivers won’t be allowed to install into Windows.

Now, let’s get to the main process.

How to disable Driver Signature Enforcement?

To disable Driver Signature Enforcement, follow these steps.

#1. Go to Windows Settings.

#2. Then go to Update & Security.

#3. Then head to the Recovery section.

#4. Under ” Advanced Startup “, there should be a ” Restart Now ” button. Click on it.

#5. Now it will take you to the Recovery Mode. Click on ” Troubleshoot ” in Recovery mode where tells you to Choose an option.

#6. Inside ” Troubleshoot “, click ” Advanced Option “.

#7. Under the ” Advanced Option “, you should see ” Startup Settings “.

#8. Inside the ” Startup Settings “, you will be asked to ” Restart “. Just click on it.

#9. You should now see a bunch of options to play with. On number seven, there should be an option that is ” Driver Signature Enforcement “

#10. Press F7  or the number 7 based on the computer to ” Disable Driver Signature Enforcement “.

( Wait few seconds for the Windows to Boot Up with Driver Signature Enforcement disabled. )

There you are. Your Driver Signature Enforcement has been disabled temporarily.

If you want a video guide then here it is.

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