How to increase Jio Speed in 2021: Fix Slow Jio Speed.

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increase jio speed 2021
Increase Jio Speed

Introduction to Jio and its start.

The name ” Jio “ is known by all in India. It is a well-known telecommunication company, and the founder is Mukesh Ambani. Jio got launched in 2018, and it became popular from its beginning. The reason behind its popularity was its free calls and internet plan.

At first, Jio was all free, and it was the starting of 4G network connectivity, and from that time on, Jio became a revolutionary for the telecommunication industry in India. After 6months of free plan with high speed 4G connectivity and calls, it started paid plans, and it was cost-effective. It was providing more data and calls, for less money. Then users started to get its paid plans also because it was cost-effective.

The free plan was to lure users to their telecom services instead of Airtel, idea, or Vodafone. This is what doomed the telecommunication industry. Users from Uninor, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone immediately transferred to Jio.

By giving internet for less money, Jio not only provided the internet with less, but it also reached to areas where the internet was not available and also for less money. Because of Jio and its cost-effective plans, 80-90% of people are accessible to the internet. Jio started to lead in the telecommunication industry.

Mukesh Ambani, in the current year of 2021 is now one of the richest people in India. His motives and initiatives made Jio strong, and at the same time, other telecommunication companies suffer from a great loss because Jio was eating up their users.

The competitors of Jio were not up to the mark because of their expensive plans and not-so-great Infrastructure services. The key selling point of Jio, which was its high-speed 4G internet with unlimited calls and low charges than its competitors, made it a success.

As time passes by, Jio users rapidly increased. This is the reason for heavy traffic load on their server, and that’s why the speed decreases because more and more users are using the internet at the same time. Now, Let’s talk about how to increase Jio Speed.

Increase Jio Speed 2021

To increase Jio network speed, you have to follow these steps.

Increase Jio Speed using APN Settings

You can speed up your Jio Network Speed by Changing some settings inside the APN. 

There are many Servers, but I will suggest only 2-3 Servers for fast connectivity.

Follow the Steps and settings below.

Step 1: Go to System Settings.

Step 2: Go to Network and Connectivity or Network Internet or In Samsung Devices go to Connections.

Step 3: Under the Network Settings, Go to Mobile Network Settings, or You should see Carriers directly. ( Select Jio to add APN )

Step 4: Under the Mobile Networks Settings or Jio Settings, search for Access Points or Acces Points Names and Click on it.

Step 5: Under the Access Points Names, click on three dots and select Add or Click Plus icon ( + ) to Add APN.

Step 6: Follow these APN Settings

Connection Name or Name: Jio Net ( you can name anything )

APN: internet ( This is the default APN for every carrier and it should be in small letters ), You can also use ( jionet )

Proxy: ( leave empty )

Port: ( leave empty )

Username: ( leave empty )

Password: ( leave empty )

Server: or or (optional) or (optional) (Choose anyone you like, but Google and Cloudflare are best for optimal network speed.)

MMSC: ( leave empty )

MMSC Proxy: ( leave empty )

MMSC Port: ( leave empty )

MCC: ( leave as it is )

MNC: ( leave as it is )

Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP ( select third one PAP and CHAP both )

APN Type: default,supl ( write in small letters as I have written )

APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

Bearer: ( Select all Options ) ( from LTE to NR )

MVNO Type: not set ( leave as it is )

Step 7: Click on three dots to save.

Step 8: Click ” Save ” to save the APN

Step 9: Select the newly created APN

Step 10: Enjoy the high-speed internet

Note: You can create up to 3 APNs to use. If you are using Cloudflare APN when downloading files, it can corrupt files or restart the download if the server of Cloudflare changes. So if you are downloading large files, it is recommended that you use Google APN to avoid interruption during file download. You can use Cloudflare to download small files and can also come in use for streaming content, which won’t affect those. You could download large files quickly if speed reached 8-9mbps. I don’t know the Server change duration for Cloudflare, so keep that in mind.

Increase Jio Speed using custom DNS 2021

Increasing Jio speed through DNS is helpful, but at the same time, some Apps like Netflix won’t run with custom DNS. They block access to the internet. But in case if it runs, then it is nice to have Custom DNS.

Follow these steps to use Custom DNS to increase the Internet Speed of Jio.

#Method 1:

To Increase Internet speed through Settings.

If you have some knowledge about DNS, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to System Settings.

Step 2: Go to Network and Connectivity or Network Internet or In Samsung Devices go to Connections.

Step 3: Search for DNS and Click on it.

Step 4: Under the DNS settings, you should see three options, Off, Automatic, Private. By default, it should be Automatic. Now you have to change from Automatic to Private DNS.

Step 5: Now, Enter the DNS provider hostname instead of entering the DNS Server address

Step 6: Hit OK, and you will get connected to the DNS Server.

#Method 2

To Increase Jio Internet speed through third-party App.

In case if you do not know about DNS, then you can try these DNS settings to improve network speed.

Step 1: Go to Play Store

Step 2: Go to the search bar and type ” Net Optimizer

Step 3: Install any app that you would like to use. In my case, I use this App ” Net Optimizer “

Step 4: After Installing the App, Open it and then Allow the permissions to work correctly.

Step 5: On the first page of the App, you will see ” Activate ” click on it, and then it will ask you to confirm for the first time, and you will be connected.

Step 6: You can manually choose the DSN server. Go to the 2nd page and click on ” Scan DNS ” and it will show you all DNS with Server Uptime.

Step 7: Choose the server that is in the green zone to get the maximum speed.

Optional Settings to improve Jio Network Speed:

This method resets itself after booting the device or after some time. But it is helpful not by much but it will do the job.

Step 1: Go to Phone App

Step 2: Open Dialpad and Type *#*#4636#*#* or you can copy this code directly and paste it there.

Step 3: After that, you would see ” Phone Information “, ” Usage Statistics “, and ” WiFi Information “. Here Choose Phone Information

Step 4: If you have two sim cards, you will get the option to choose which one to make changes on, but by default, it will make changes on both SIM Cards. Choose any SIM Card, and by default, it selects Phone 0, which is SIM 1.

Step 5: Scroll down a little and change ” Set Preferred Network Type ” Here, you will see a bunch of Network Options, and you have to choose the LTE network option.

 Select LTE/TD-SCDMA or NR/LTE/TD-SCDMA, and if you also have secondary like airtel SIM or other, you can select LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM or NR/LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM to get 2G Network Signal.

Step 6: Scroll down a little and then click on ” Refresh ” and then click on ” Update ” and now you can minimize this window and enjoy high-speed Jio internet.

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All these steps work correctly, and It is compatible with 2021 Jio Settings. It will surely boost your speed, especially after changing the DNS Server. Other settings also work, and I use them daily. So after applying these settings, you will get Jio Network Speed Boost or get High-Speed Jio Network.

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