How to get Unlimited Google Photos Storage in Android for free [Root]

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Introduction to Google Photos

Google Photos is one best Google Products that give you unlimited Storage for Backing up Photos in High Quality but not anymore.

As you know all, Google Photos’ unlimited storage is gone and not even available for Google Pixel devices.

So Google Photos was the best Application that used to give users unlimited backup storage in Google One Program.

But it’s back with a monthly and yearly plan. So if any user wants to get Google Photos Unlimited Storage, they have to 15$/month in the US. 

So how do you get Unlimited Google Photos Backup storage for free?

Google Photos Unlimited Storage Backup Trick

To get unlimited storage in Google Photos, you need to have root access to your device. Which tweaks your device to spoof as Pixel Device, and you can get unlimited Google Photos Backup storage.

So what is the Process, and how to do it? 

You need to follow some steps to get unlimited storage in Google Photos on Android.

Steps to get unlimited storage Google Photos


– Rooted Phone ( Magisk Root )

LSPosed Module Installed and Active

LSPosed App installed (PlayStore)

Pixelify Gphotos (Pixelify Google Photos) APK – GitHub

Google Photos Application installed on the device

Follow the steps below to get unlimited google photos storage:

Step 1: Get all the required Files from the Requirements section.

Step 2: Root your device with Magisk, if not done already. If you haven’t Root, follow this guide to root your device.

Step 3: After Rooting your device with Magisk, install LSPosed ( Previously Xposed ) from the Magisk Modules section. Make sure to install the Zygisk version, if you are using Android 11 and above. Otherwise, you can also go with Riru LSPosed. But I would recommend you to get the LSPosed Zygisk version.

Step 4: After installing LSPosed, Reboot your device.

Step 5: After Rebooting your device, install the Pixelify gphotos APK file on your device and don’t open it yet.

Step 6: After installing Pixelify Google Photos App, Open LSPosed.

Step 7: Inside the LSPosed App, Tap on the Modules Section, and after that, tap on the Pixelify Google Photos Module.

Step 8: After tapping on Pixelify Google Photos Module, you should get ‘Enable this Module’ to enable it. Tap on the ON-OFF toggle button to enable it. By default, Pixelify Google Photos should already select Google Photos Module.

Step 9: After Enabling Pixelify Google Photos Module, Open it. The Pixelify Google Photos App will ask for SuperUser permission, so allow it.

Step 10: Inside Pixelify Google Photos App, You don’t have to tamper with any settings. Simply, Tap on the ‘Force Stop’ button at the bottom.

Step 11: After tapping on the ‘Force Stop’ button inside the Pixelify Google Photos App, Clear the Data and Cache of the ‘Google Photos’ App.

– Sub Step 1: To clear data of the Google Photos Application, Tap and hold the G-Photos App icon.

– Sub Step 2: Tap on the ( i ) icon to open App information Settings of Google Photos App.

– Sub Step 3: Inside Google Photos App Settings, Tap on Storage.

– Sub Step 4: Inside Storage, Tap on Clear Data, and Tap on ‘OK’ to confirm the action.

– Sub Step 5: In the Same way, Clear the Cache of the Google Photos App, if automatically not cleared by clearing the G-Photos Data.

Note- Before clearing Data of the Google Photos App, if you have any locked folder inside the App, make sure to unlock it. Otherwise, Locked files will get deleted when you Clear Data of the App, and you might not get them back.

Step 12: Lastly, Reboot your device for changes to take effect.

Congratulations 🥳 You have successfully unlocked Unlimited Google Photos Backup Storage.

Now you can backup unlimited photos from your Google Photos Application. You can Open Google Photos App and turn on Google Photos Uploads.

How to enable and use Pixelify GPhotos Steps in Images

Second Method to get Unlimited Google Photos Storage

If the above method didn’t work, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Pixelify Google Photos App.

Step 2: Inside Pixelify Google Photos App, follow the settings below:

 —– Device to Spoof – Pixel XL

 —– Customize Feature Flags – Pixel 2016

Step 3: After the above settings, tap on the ‘Force Stop’ button.

Step 4: Clear Data of Google Photos App.

Step 5: Finally, Reboot your device to apply changes.

Second Method to enable Pixelify GPhotos Unlimited Backup Storage

Now you should have a working Unlimited Google Photos Storage on your Android device.

This Pixelify Google Photos App adds a line of Code to Build Prop Files to spoof the device and hook some other codes.

How to get Google Photos unlimited cloud storage for free in Android

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