Harmony OS: The Rise Of A New Operating System For Smartphones

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harmony os
Harmony OS

Harmony OS Introduction

harmony os showdown
Harmony OS

Harmony OS has finally been released after waiting for so many days. We will see if Huawei is going to take Mobile and Tablet Operating Systems to next level? We finally have the answer to that. But first, let’s come to know why Huawei has to make its own Operating System (OS)?

The Ban of Huawei in the US and the End of Huawei Business.

So it has been two years of ban on Huawei since the end of 2018 concerning the US National Security. Huawei and some other brands as well were listed on US Entity List. These brands were restricted to do business in the US. The US Government as well made Huawei cut ties with US Multinational companies, like Intel, Google, and Microsoft concerning the protection of US individuals’ data because it was seen as a threat to the US. Huawei has always been listed in the US Entity List but in 2018, US Government decided to completely ban Huawei and its products as well. The US ex-president Donald Trump stated likewise,- “Huawei is a big concern of our military, our intelligence agencies, and we are not doing business with Huawei.” It was the concern of the Chinese Military Surveillance up on the US National Security data.

The Solution to the Huawei Ban and the return of Huawei.

Huawei is one of the biggest Tech Giant companies in China. The company’s ties with the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army were the main concern of US ex-president Donal Trump. Huawei was caught collecting critical data of US individuals’ before the ban took place. This action of Huawei made the US ban the company because it was a threat to the US. Because of this, Huawei was not able to partner with Google because Android Phone without Google Services is useless. People wouldn’t buy the smartphone because they cannot use Google Services, which is necessary for people all over the world except for China. It is the reason why Huawei had to quit the Smartphone market. But Huawei hasn’t given up. They have come back into the smartphone business with their new Operating System Known as Harmony OS. We’ll look at Huawei’s Harmony OS and its features and how can it change its smartphone business. Could Harmony OS replace Android? Let’s Find Out.

Harmony OS and Its Features.

Harmony OS has been designed by Huawei to tackle Android. It is mostly designed to create an ecosystem with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Other Smart Devices of its own. It will connect with Smartphones, Smartwatches, Tablets, Vehicles, and Home Appliances. Harmony OS can connect with other devices with one click of the user. Users can share and transfer files with one click. Harmony OS allows you to remotely control cameras while taking photos or recording videos. This OS is compatible with a lot of IoT devices, letting you interact with them freely by using a single Operating System. The Harmony OS has a different look and UI designs.

Harmony OS is said to be a completely different Operating System from Android. It has two different versions of Harmony OS. One is based on Microkernel, and the other is based on Linux Kernel. Huawei claims it to be different from Android OS. But is it true? Let’s find out.

Is Harmony OS based on Android? Harmony OS truth.

As I have mentioned before that there are two versions of Harmony OS. One is forked with Microkernel and the other with Linux Kernel. The one with Microkernel is called LiteOS. But it is also called Harmony OS. Huawei is making it hard for people to distinguish between LiteOS and Harmony OS.

Harmony OS based on LiteOS built with Microkernel would be using IoT devices like Home Appliances, Smartwatches, vehicles, etc.

However, Harmony OS with Linux kernel is not based on LiteOS, but instead, it’s based on “Android.” Yes, you saw it right. Harmony OS built with Linux kernel is based on Android OS because it uses the source code of Android OS, which is AOSP ( Android Open Source Project). But the thing is, Huawei completely denies the fact that Harmony OS is based on Android, and claims that it doesn’t even use a single line of Android’s code.

After coming to the solution of becoming independent from the US ban, Huawei isn’t ready to accept the fact of Android OS used in their development of Harmony OS.

Harmony OS still an Android: Harmony OS – An Android of Huawei.

What is Huawei Harmony OS?

Harmony OS is still an Android, or it is an Android of Huawei. Why? Because it uses the same kernel as Android, and also uses the AOSP Source Code. As you know that Android is based on Linux OS and it uses the Linux kernel as well to run the Android OS. Just like the Android OS, Harmony OS also uses the same extension as Android for its Apps.

Harmony OS is an Android of Huawei with a Custom Skin or UI built on top of Android OS that helps in adding the features. As for now, Harmony OS cannot replace Android OS in any way because people have been habitat to Android OS and its interface. Apple users, on the other hand, have also been habitat to their iOS and its interface. So with Harmony OS, there is nothing new to it except for the features that Huawei has added. Harmony OS is not a different Operating System that users could have a new type of user experience. But it also depends on people and their preferences. Harmony OS built with Linux kernel would be used on smartphones and tablets. And Harmony OS based on LiteOS would be used on (Internet of Things) IoT Devices.

Harmony os vs Android

Harmony OS is a skinned Android with features that add extra functionality. It has features that I have already mentioned in Harmony OS Features. As for Android, you all know it very well. Android OS is not new, but Google keeps upgrading it to bring new features and functionality. Recently, Google has launched a Developer Preview of Android 12. Soon, Android 12 will make its way to smartphones with stable updates. Google has also launched its new Operating System Google Fuchsia, which promises to bring a new user experience, new features, strong security, and more performance and stability. Currently, Fuchsia has made its way to NestHub for testing, and it is not coming to smartphones anytime soon. More updates on that on Related Post.

Harmony os vs Android vs iOS

Harmony OS On Tablet
Harmony OS On Tablet

Harmony OS and Android features and similarities, I have mentioned above. When talking about the Apple iOS, and comparing it to Huawei Harmony OS and Google Android then it is unique in its way. As you know, Android Smartphone companies tend to copy Apple and iOS for a reason because iOS is so much beautiful in terms of look and design. It promises strong performance and stability but lacks features. Apple iPhones also promises the long term software update. Android is more feature-rich and customizable, but at the same time, it lacks stability and performance.

Disadvantages of Harmony OS

Harmony OS is cool, as it is based on Android, but there are some drawbacks to it as well. For a normal Android OS, it comes prebuilt with Google Services, which the Harmony OS doesn’t have the permission to add to its OS. Google services are the essential part of the Android, and that is what most people prefer because, without Google Services, Android is useless to them. It is one of the major drawbacks of Harmony OS.

Harmony OS has its features, but besides, Google Services are also necessary. Harmony OS would be great for its country China, but outside the country, the Operating System isn’t that good enough. Of course, some people would prefer Harmony OS as it is, but looking from a normal user perspective, it is hard to live without Google Services because Google Apps are necessary, like Gmail and Play Store.

Conclusion for the Harmony OS

The conclusion here is that Harmony OS is still just an Android of Huawei. It is better in its way and has some disadvantages as well. Harmony OS won’t replace the Android world. Harmony OS is great for its Ecosystem. What do you think about Harmony OS? Will Harmony OS succeed, or will it fail? Comment your answers.


What is Huawei Harmony OS?

Harmony OS is a new Operating System developed by Huawei for its smartphones and tablets as well as other IoT devices. Harmony OS has two versions, one is based on Android and the other is based on LiteOS. Harmony OS for Smartphones is an Android forked with a custom skin on top. Huawei will replace EMUI OS with Harmony OS.

Is harmony os based on android?

Yes, Harmony OS is based on Android because it uses the same AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Source Code for Harmony OS. It also uses the same Linux kernel as Android. However, there is one more version of Harmony OS which is based on LiteOS built with Microkernel. It is for IoT devices.

Can harmony os run android apps?

As I have told your before in this post that Harmony OS is based on Android and so also uses same APK file that is the exact same as Android. So yes, Harmony OS do run Android Apps.

Can Harmony OS replace Android?

No, The Harmony OS cannot replace Android. Harmony OS is new and is based on Android. It has its own unique features like fast connectivity, fast transfer etc. Harmony OS will make its own place in Operating System Market.

Is Harmony OS better than Android?

In some sort of a way, yes Harmony OS is better in some scenarios like fast connectivity, fast transfer, compatibility with IoT devices, etc. But the Harmony OS has its drawbacks as well with No support for Google Services.

Which phones will get harmony OS?

Users who own Huawei smartphones and tablets will get the Harmony OS. Harmony OS based on LiteOS will run on IoT devices. Other Chinese brands might also shift to Harmony OS if they come in a situation like Huawei.

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