Apps that every root user should have in 2022

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Being a root user makes the Android level way better than it was before but some apps will make your experience more precious. How far you want to go is actually up to you, but if you want to take full control of your devices and add features that aren’t always available in the factory-installed OS or a Custom Rom, you will eventually opt for some apps that leverage the potential of root access. The apps mentioned here are the best in their work and receive timely updates.

Backup and Restore

Being a custom ROM user, these apps help me with my backup and data restoration which makes the whole experience Hessel free.


Migrate is an app that backups up all your app data, APK files, permissions, call logs, messages, and more. And on top of all that it restores them using custom recovery at the time of rom installation.


NeoBackup (OAndBackupX) Homepage

NeoBackup is an Open-source backup app. It backups apps and their datas and, batch backup/restore is supported. You can opt for encrypted backup as well.



Tasker app

Tasker is one of the finest apps created for the root community. The app allows you to create profiles that automatically trigger based on certain conditions to execute tasks. Tasker also offers a wide variety of plugins. With root access, you can automate pretty much anything you can imagine.


MacDroid Homepage

Macdroid is more focused; on usability with a simple, easy-to-use UI and logical step-by-step process. There is also a Plugin store where users can find other apps for further explanation.




LiveBoot is the only app I found in this category that will help you with different boot animations for your devices. The application shows you the output of both Logcat and dmesg.



AFWall+ (Android Wall Plus) is a graphical front-end for the iptables Linux firewall. It provides fine-grained control over which Android apps are allowed to access the network. You can also control traffic flow within LAN or while connected through a VPN using this app.


Adaway Main Menu

Adaway is an open source app that blocks almost all the ads not on youtube for sure but essentially does is keep an updated list of ad serving networks and redirects them to the localhost.

Aurora Store

Aurora Store is a popular open-source client of the Google Play Store, allowing users to search, download, and update Android apps and games on any device without depending on GApps, MicroG, or Google services of any kind. With root access, it can automatically install and update apps in the background as soon as they are downloaded.



BetterBatteryStats app that tracks and gives you accurate stats of your battery and keeps an eye on everything for a better battery.


Shizuku Main Screen

Shizuku is a nifty tool that enables regular apps to directly call system APIs with ADB/root privileges. It can be used in a non-root environment as well, but there are several incompatibilities with different OEM skins, hence the root mode is preferable.


Termux is a terminal emulation app for android devices that doubles as a GNU/Linux environment. t comes with a versatile collection of Linux application packages, some of which are tailor-made for root users. Don’t download Termux from Palystore always download the latest build from its GitHub repo or F-Droid.

Storage isolation

As the name of the app suggest it lets you manage the whole storage and lets you control which apps you want to isolate and which apps you want to give full access to the shared storage. Can download it from here.

These were some of the apps which are used by root users day to day the list of these apps is ongoing and they will be further covered in the upcoming series.

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