UFS 4.0 Technology announced – developed by Samsung

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Introduction to UFS 4.0 developed by Samsung semiconductor

samsung ufs 4.0 announced

Samsung Semiconductor, a unit of Samsung Electronics, has announced the latest Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 storage technology for Mobile devices. 

It is an upgrade over the previous and currently used UFS 3.0 and UFS 3.1 storage technology. Samsung’s latest UFS 4.0 storage is based on the company’s Gen 7 V-NAND memory technology.

But if you are new to this and wondering what is UFS Storage technology and what its are benefits then, read this here.

What is UFS Technology? UFS design and types.

samsung ufs

UFS ( Universal Flash Storage ) is a V – NAND flash storage technology for digital cameras, mobile phones, consumer electronic devices, and other mobile devices.

UFS technology was designed to bring high-speed data transfer while also increasing reliability.

UFS uses NAND or 3D Stacked NAND flash dies (integrated circuits) with an integrated controller.

UFS can be used as both eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) device and removable UFS memory cards.

This brief explanation should give an idea about UFS technology, what is it and how it works? However, the speed of UFS varies from generation to generation. 

Here is where the UFS 4.0 comes in, which is twice fast as current-gen UFS 3.1, which reads and writes caps at 2100MB/s and 1200MB/s, respectively.

What is UFS 4.0 Technology? UFS 4.0 Improvements.

samsung ufs 4.0 improvements

UFS 4.0 technology is an upgraded storage technology over UFS 3.1 with max data transfer rates of 23.2Gbps per lane built on the latest 7th Gen V-NAND tech. 

The latest UFS 4.0 Read and Write speeds cap out at 4,200MB/s with sequential read speeds up to 2,800MB/s sequential write speeds based on JEDEC specifications.

The latest UFS 4.0 brings twice the performance as well as efficiency of the previous gen. That means UFS 4.0 will consume less power while also giving the highest transfer speeds possible.

Samsung Semiconductor says UFS 4.0 will deliver a sequential read speed of 6.0MB/s per mA, which is a 46% improvement over the previous generation, so end users can get more out of their battery life.

UFS 4.0 Release Date

samsung ufs 4.0 launch date

Mass production of UFS 4.0 is planned to begin in the third quarter of this year (2022). Hopefully, we will see this UFS 4.0, maybe next year in 2023, with the latest flagship smartphones and high-end midrange devices supporting this storage device.

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