PUBG BGMI 2022 New Update: PUBG 1.8- Spiderman Theme and more.

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With the release of Spiderman No Way Home, BGMI has come with the collaboration to make the game even better with brand new classic map mode, a new supply shop, a new recall feature, and some major bugs fixies. Probably the update has started rolling out to both the platform Android and ISO. Updating the game, users will be welcomed, with 3000 BP, 100 AG, and Aureate Assassin Helmet (3 days) as a reward.

BGMI New Update

BattleGround India 1.8 Update.

Spider-Man’s web shooter power: This is the type of gun that shoots spider webs that slow down the opponent.

Spiderweb-ball: This also helps the gamer to slow down the enemy by shooting the spiderweb-ball on the ground, releasing many spiderwebs in the area.

New CLassic Map Mode: The new type of mode will be more futuristic where all the firearms are easier to control, as they are equipped with an AC Core Module. There will be special Tactical Glass showing the opponent’s damage by firearms. Apart from this, the player zone area has been reduced.

New Recall Feature: This feature brings the dead teammate back to life from the recall tower. Although the features are limited to
Erangel: Ranked Mode and Spider-Man mode
Livik: Ranked Mode and Spider-Man mode

New Supply Shop: The New Supply Feature helps the player to purchase battle supplies in a match with the in-game currency they pick up on the map which can be accessed anywhere on the map. This feature is limited to
Erangel: Ranked Mode, Unranked, and Spider-Man mode
Livik: Ranked Mode, Unranked, and Spider-Man mode

BGMI 1.8 Features

Miscellaneous Fixes and Feature.

Players can now jump automatically using the auto jump option in the direction of a landmark on the map.

MG3 gun’s recoil has increased by 10 percent and, the default shooting mode is now 660 RPM.

Players will easily swim in Knock State but, their speed will be slowed.

The recoil effect on the MK47 and M16A4 guns has been reduced by 10 percent and they now have a tracer effect on bullets.

The penalty for malevolent acts such as team finish or offensive conversation on merit level is emphasized. Deducted merit levels can be recovered based on playtime time and contribution, and players that maintain a high merit level will get rewards.

For a better gaming experience, the receipt and outcome of reporting cheaters have been improved.

Users can download or update the game using this link on both platforms.

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