What is Magisk Module? How to Configure it?

  Magisk Module, What is it? Magisk Modules are just extensions of Magisk to give users more features and functionality. Magisk Modules are helpful to tweak Android and bring features of other OEMs to their device of liking. There are also third-party tweaks available. Magisk Modules are the same as Xposed but the only difference … Read more

BUG, What is a software Bug?

What is a Bug exactly? A BUG is actually an error of a program or software or a computer, that flaws through the system and cause malfunctioning of the device. Thus this makes the device unstable due to the malfunction of the device.  How does a Bug occur? A Bug basically occurs due to the … Read more

Lenovo Legion Duel India has been listed by Lenovo India . What You Need To Know About This Gaming Beast?

Lenovo Legion Duel Gaming Phone: Lenovo Legion Duel, a gaming smartphone has been listed by Lenovo India on the Company’s Website. The Company is preparing for its immediate launch in the country. The site moreover includes its features that sports the bleeding edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC close by 144Hz exhibit. At the current moment, … Read more