MediTek New Dimensity 2000 Coming. Better performance, better battery.

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What we know so far about Mediatek dimensity 2000

MediaTek sold the highest chipset in the last year and the best Qualcomm with its 5G SoC. After launching Dimensity 1200, which was not very much successful but kept a good reputation for high-end budget Processor for 5G Midrange smartphones.

To fill this gap of high-end Budget Processors, reports are out, that MediTek might come up with Dimensity 2000. The company already told about their upcoming up with a new 5G chip, looks like Dimensity 2000 will be the name.

Mediatek Dimensity 2000 Release Date

As of the rumors, Dimensity 2000 will launch at the end of the year 2021. There is no information on the first smartphone to come up with this processor.

Mediatek Dimensity 2000 Price

According to some tech enthusiastic, the phone which will ship with this processor will cost around 3000 yuan ($464). Seeing the price, this processor will compete with Snapdragon 870. In fact, from the leaks so far, the performance of the Dimensity 2000 is outstanding, like the rumors say.

MediaTek Dimensity 2000

The CPU of this chip will compete with Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship product, the Snapdragon 898. Some report claims that Dimensity 2000 CPU will be stronger than the Snapdragon 898.

There are also leaks that GPU will be also stronger than the previous Snapdragon 888.

After all this, Meditak 2000 will directly compete with Snapdragon 888. This chip will compete with the Snapdragon 898 but will be way cheaper that is what it has always been for Mediatek.

According to the Analyst, this SoC will have a huge impact on Qualcomm’s market because of the Price to Performance ratio.

MediaTek Dimensity 2000

Mediatek Dimensity 2000 Architectural Design

As far as specifications are concerned, there is some information on the web that the Dimensity 2000 will use the Cortex X2 and A9 architecture, which will give an incredible boost to the processor because of the new architecture design changes.

The GPU will have the G79 architecture and, this chip will use TSMC’s 4nm fabrication manufacturing process.

In terms of battery life and performance, this chip will be more powerful than the previous generation; of MediaTek SoCs.

After looking at all these insane specs and design changes, it will be worth waiting for this processor to arrive on smartphones.

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