How To Recover Files From Lost.dir Without PC | How To Recover Lost Dir Files | Recover LOST.Dir Files in Android

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Lost Dir, What is it?

So, Have you ever wondered what LOST.DIR folder is on your smartphone? Let me tell you if you don’t know what it is?

LOST.DIR is a folder where files are stored whose extensions are lost. Every File has its extension on it. If its extension is lost then it automatically moves into LOST.DIR Folder. 

Videos have their own extensions such as .mp4 , .mkv , .avi , .ts , .3gp etc. Likewise Music also have their on extension such as .mp3. , .m4a , .aac , .acc , .ac3 , .amr , .ogg etc. Photos also have their extensions such as .png , .jpg , .jpeg , .tiff , .gif , .heic etc. Other Files like Compressed files extensions are .zip , .rar , .tgz etc. For Document files the extensions are .pdf , .docx , .txt , .xlsx etc.

These were some of the extensions from the respected files.

These extensions are present at the end of the name. For example ( beautiful flower.jpg or Hollywood music.mp3 )

Now let’s recover these files with lost extensions.

How to recover Lost Dir files.

Just like I told you before these files have lost extensions so you can recover them by adding extensions to the end of the name. After then opening that file to check if the file is working properly or not. So you have to add or change extensions and check it until you find it right and see if it’s properly working.

But not everyone is desperate to do and check one by one if there are many files. So I have another option for you is to use an App that can rename, identify, and recover it to you. You can download that APK from here.
Also, make sure to remember that it does not work for everyone because it has a limited extension to identify. So if it doesn’t work then don’t blame me.

Here is a quick video guide with 140k Views on it.

The App is in the description of this video or simply download it from here.

This was it all. If you do it manually, it is hard but if you use the App it is easy. It does your job instantly. 

The App I have mentioned, make sure to download from my link only because It has premium but if you download it from the Play Store then It would be a free version and may not work.

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