How to get Android 12 Material you themed icons in App drawer & Homescreen in Any Android device.

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Introduction to Android 12 Material You Theme and Android 12 Themed Icons Feature

android 12 material you

Android 12 is the best Android version in terms of UI. The UI has drastically been changed in Android 12 by Google. It’s something new and unique.

Android 12 has a new theming feature, unlike the previous Android versions. This new theme in Android 12 is known as Material You. 

As the name suggests, Material You means Material style UI design and themes.

Android 12 has a feature known as Themed icons, which adapts icon color and background according to the Homescreen Wallpaper. This feature is unique and gives Android a different feel.

But currently, it has themed icons only for Homescreen. So how to get themed icons in the app drawer? The method that I will explain should work on any Android device. Even in non-Android 12 devices as well.

It would work in Non – Rooted devices as well. But if you need QuickSwitch, formerly a Recent Windows App Switcher, you would need Magisk Root. 

It is not compulsory to install QuickSwitch. However, Rooted users can install it, if they want Android 12 Recent Windows Switcher and Quick Toggles.

How to get Themed Icons in the App drawer in Android 12 and the version below 

android 12 material you themed icons

To get the Android 12-Themed Icons App drawer, you would need a Lawnchair launcher to achieve it.

So how to get themed icons in the App drawer with the Lawnchair launcher? You will need some Apps that are mentioned below:


Lawnchair Launcher 3 v12.1.0 Dev or Lawnchair 1 v1.2.0 Stable version APK = Lawnchair Launcher Dev APKMirror

Lawnicons APK Dev = Lawnicons APK Stable

Lawnfeed 3 (For Google Feed – Android 11 & above)Lawnfeed 2 ( Android 10 & lower versions)

QuickSwitch Magisk Module (Optional)

QuickSwitch APK (Optional)

( All files are available on my Telegram Channel – Nooberinfo )

Steps to get Material You Themed Icons in the App drawer in Android and lower versions: (Lawnchair 3 v12.1.0 Dev and Lawnfeed 3 – Recommend)

Step 1: Get all the required files mentioned in the Requirements section.

Step 2: Install the Lawnchair launcher app.

Step 3: Install the Lawnicons app.

Step 4: Install the Lawnfeed app.

Step 5: After installing all three required applications, open System Settings.

Step 6: Inside System Settings, Tap on ‘Apps and Notification’ or ‘Apps’ or ‘All Apps’

Step 7: Inside ‘All Apps’, Look for Default Home App. It should be Under ‘Default Apps’. Select ‘Lawnchair’ and set it as the default launcher.

System Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Home App > Default Home App

Step 8: After setting Lawnchair as your default launcher, minimize to Homescreen.

Step 9: On the Home screen, Tap and hold on to the blank space.

Step 10: Tap on ‘Home Settings’ 

Step 11: Inside Lawnchair Home Settings, Tap on ‘General’.

Step 12: Inside ‘General’ of Lawnchair Home Settings, Tap on ‘Icon Style’.

Step 13: Inside Icon Style, Tap on ‘Themed Icons’ at the bottom option.

Step 14: After tapping on Themed Icons, you get three options. ‘Off’ ‘Home screen’ ‘Home screen & App Drawer’ – Tap on the last option that says ‘Home Screen & App Drawer’

(Lawnchair) Home Settings > General > Icon Style > Themed Icons > ‘Home screen & App Drawer’

Step 15: After completing these settings, Go back and check if your App icons are themed or not in App Drawer.

If some of your Applications have not been themed, then you need to request the Developer to get that App icon themed. 

How to request the Developer to get an App icon themed in Android (Lawnicons) 


To get your App icon themed, you need to follow some steps, and then in the next update of Lawnicons, the unthemed icon will get themed. 

So in the next release of Lawnicons, you should get your App icon themed. So how many Apps can you request?

Well, I don’t have an exact answer to that question. But maybe you can request as many as you want. But maybe, it could also be limited to 5 Apps only.

Steps to request Developer for App Icons to Get Themed :

Step 1: Open App Drawer.

Step 2: In the search bar at the top, search for “Lawnicons”

Step 3: After appearing ‘Lawnicons App’ in the search App drawer, tap on it to open.

Step 4: After opening Lawnicons App, you should see three options below Lawnicons Logo and Tagline. Tap on ‘Request Icon’.

Step 5: After tapping on ‘Request Icon’, fill out the details about the App Name, Package Name, and Your Telegram username.

– Steps to get App Name & Package Name: –

– Sub Step 1: Open App Drawer and search for App that you want to request from the Developer to get that App themed.

– Sub Step 2: Tap and hold on to the App icon that you want to Request.

– Sub Step 3: Tap on ‘App Info’ from the pop-up menu.

– Sub Step 4: Scroll to the bottom last in App Info Settings.

– Sub Step 5: At the bottom last of the App info, you should get the App Package name, tap and hold on it until you see the Copy option and Copy the Package name.

– Sub Step 6: After copying the App package name, go back to Lawnicons Request Icon Page, Fill in the App Package name by pasting that you copied. Fill the App Name as it appears in App Info Settings and Fill your Telegram Username.

Step 6: Lastly, Tap on the ‘Request’ button to request for the App icon to get themed by Lawicons Developers.

Congratulations 🥳 You have successfully requested the Developers of Lawnicons to get your App icon themed.

How to Get Android 12 Recent Apps Windows switcher with Recent Quick Toggle button features – How to install and enable QuickSwitch Magisk Module [Root]

So it is an optional step for Rooted Users only. If any Rooted User wants to use QuickSwitch, they can install it. 

As for non-rooted users, it is not necessary because you will need Magisk Root to install QuickSwitch Magisk Module.

Before we dive directly into how to install QuickSwitch, let me explain a little bit about it.

So what is QuickSwitch Magisk Module?

QuickSwitch Magisk Module is a Recent App Switcher or Recent Apps Windows Switcher. This Magisk Module replaces your current Recent Apps Window. 

It redesigns your Recent Apps Window as Android 12 Recent Apps Window UI, making it look like an Android 12 Recent App Switcher.

Hence, it’s named QuickSwitch, to Switch Between Recently used Apps from Recent Apps Window.

How to install and activate it in the Lawnchair launcher or any other launcher. But for this topic, I would go with the Lawnchair launcher. 

To proceed with installing QuickSwitch Magisk Module, follow the process below, but before that, read the Note and some important warnings.

NOTE – Do this step at your own risk, I will not be held responsible if anything goes wrong 

( QuickSwitch Module Crashing Homescreen – Cause, Effects, and Reasons )

Johnathan Ujjwal –

” I was using Android 12L DerpFest Custom ROM, which already supports Android 12 style Recent Apps Window. So I installed QuickSwitch Magisk Module, and my DerpFest Launcher was Crashing.

At that time, I hadn’t set Lawnchair as my default launcher. But I had installed QuickSwitch in the Lawnchair launcher, not in my default DerpFest launcher. 

But even so, QuickSwitch was crashing my Home. At first, I didn’t understand, so I removed QuickSwitch App and Magisk Module.

After Removing the QuickSwitch Magisk Module and Rebooting the device, my Homescreen was again working fine as usual. 

After that, I set Lawnchair as my default launcher.

So this is what happened to me when I installed QuickSwitch Magisk Module. “

Cause – I already had Android 12L running on my device. So I guess, QuickSwitch overlapped with my current DepFest ROM Recent Apps Window and Toggle buttons.

Effects – So QuickSwitch Magisk Module Overlapping with my current Recent Apps Window made my Homescreen crash.

Reasons – Android 12 and Android 12L already come with QuickSwitch like Recent Apps switcher, so it wasn’t necessary. But installing QuickSwitch made my Homescreen cash due to overlapping Recent Apps on one another. 

My fault – I should have set Lawnchair as my default launcher at first before installing QuickSwitch. Maybe that’s why it crashed. Otherwise, overriding my current ROM’s Recent Apps Window wasn’t an issue.

My Recommendation – Use QuickSwitch below Android 12. (Android 9-11) Android 12 already comes with a similar Recent Apps Window as QuickSwitch.

Now let’s get back to the installation Process of the QuickSwitch Magisk Module.

Steps to install QuickSwitch Magisk Module:

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager

Step 2: Inside Magisk Manager, Tap on the Modules section.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Install From Storage’ at the top, inside the Magisk Modules section.

Step 4: Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded QuickSwitch Magisk Module Updater and select the Module zip file.

Step 5: After selecting the file, it will take a few seconds to install, and don’t Reboot after the installation gets completed.

Step 6: Minimize Magisk and open the App drawer and look for QuickSwitch App or search it in the search bar at the top of the App Drawer.

Step 7: Open QuickSwitch App. It will ask for a SuperUser request, “Allow” the QuickSwitch app to work.

Step 8: Inside QuickSwitch App, select your default Lawnchair launcher to install QuickSwitch Recent Apps Window in it.

QuickSwitch Guide to Install the APK and Magisk Module

Installation of QuickSwitch:

  1. Install the latest QuickSwitch APK from the Telegram channel or GitHub releases.
  2. Open the QuickSwitch app that was installed.
  3. Select a different launcher as your recents provider.
  4. Reboot.
  5. Verify your new recents provider is correct.
  6. Set the new recents provider as the default launcher.
  7. Profit.

After selecting the Lawnchair launcher, the device will install QuickSwitch Magisk Module and automatically reboot. So make sure to close any unsaved changes running in the background before setting the Lawnchair launcher.

Congratulations 🥳 🎊 You have successfully installed and activated QuickSwitch Magisk Module on your device.

Here is a video guide to enabling themed icons in the App drawer in Android 12 & lower versions

If you have any doubts or problems, comment down. Let me know if it was helpful for you not.

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