How to Edit/Write or Modify “Hosts” file in Windows 10 PC

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So you are trying to modify or edit the “hosts” file in your Windows 10 or lower versions of Windows PC/Laptop. So I guarantee you that you will be able to edit or modify “hosts” file with this method that I’m going to tell you in this video.

Let’s do it step by step:—

# Step 1 : Go to the file location of the “hosts” file. The location is C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts. 

# Step 2 : Copy hosts file to any location of choice. For example, here let’s copy it to Desktop and Paste there. 

# Step 3 : Copy and Paste the hosts file in the same Desktop Location for Backup purpose.

# Step 4 : Right-click on hosts file and select open with ‘Notepad’.

# Step 5 : Here Add or Remove the line that you want to insert into hosts file. 

# Step 6 :  Finally press Ctrl + S to save the hosts file.

# Step 7 :  Now Copy and Paste the hosts file to its hosts directory. Here C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts. 

This was very easy to do. If you still can’t modify then Right-click on the ‘etc’ folder and press Alt + Enter for folder properties. Now you could see the Security section in click on it and there will see to manage the permission for APPLICATION PACKAGE. Click on ‘Advanced’. Now tick on modify, full control and execute and hit OK.

In this way, you can modify your host but make sure to back it up first. If anything goes wrong you can always restore it.

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