Apple M2 Chip enters production for the next-gen Macs. Here is what you should know.

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Apple M2 Chip enters mass production for next gen Macs
Apple M2 Chip

The success of the Apple M1 Chip

The year 2021 is revolutionary for Apple after the CEO of Apple introduced the new Apple M1 Chip for their Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini, or iPad Pros. This year Apple has made an unbelievable change to its products. Whether it’s Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini, iPad, or iPhone, all of Apple’s products surpassed the Android devices and put Android devices to shame.

Apple has full access to its hardware and software for better optimization

Apple finally now has total control of hardware and software over its devices. Apple ditched Intel for their new Apple M1 Chip. Last year Apple A12Z Bionic was beating the X86 Processor of Intel AMD. So this year, they came up with their SOC. Apple couldn’t add features to its products because of the hardware limitations it had. That is why they decided to go with their own Apple M1 chip.

Apple M1 Chip Engineering

Apple M1 Chip

The Apple M1 Chip is based on ARM architecture and uses the ARM V8 instructions set. It is a complete SOC with CPU, GPU, ISP, and Neural Engine built-in. The Apple M1 Chip is insanely fast and powerful. The Apple M1 Chip got introduced with the 13inch Mackbook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini. But things started to go even further crazy when Apple decided to put their Apple M1 Chip on their iPad Pros. The M1 Chip on Apple iPad Pros has slightly lower TDP and Clock Speed to preserve thermal throttling and heating issues. But even though the Apple M1 Chip on iPad Pros performance close to Apple M1 Chip that resides under the Macbook Air, iMac, and Mac mini. Apple has gone completely crazy, and this time they have made serious upgrades over the last gen.

The Apple M2 Chip enters production for the next-gen Macs

After the success of the Apple M1 Chip, Apple has started mass production of Apple M2 Chip. This Apple M2 chip will arrive with a 14inch and 16inch Macbook Pro. Some people also suggest it’s the Apple M1X chip that would be shipping with the upcoming Macbook Pros later this year. But it doesn’t matter if it’s the Apple M1X or M2 Chip, its performance will increase anyhow.

Apple M2 Chip engineering and performance

Its also rumored that M2 would have ARM V9 instructions set as the ARM V9 has already got introduced recently. So there should be a massive performance jump over the current M1 Chip. The rumor also suggests that it will have 16cores for the GPU and the same CPU core as before. So users can expect more performance to the GPU. As for now, the 16Core GPU is speculation, we will come to know when it has officially been announced.

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