Android Phone Keeps Restarting and Random Reboots in Custom ROM

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How to Fix Random Reboot and crashing in Android Phone

So you are facing an issue with your ROM, and it’s often rebooting automatically. So what could you do to fix this random Reboot?

Random Reboot in custom ROM is quite common. It could be due to a ROM compatibility issue if your Custom ROM has a unified tree, like the Redmi 3s series or Redmi Note 9 Pro series for example.

But most of the time, a Random reboot appears due to a buggy kernel. So you could say that Kernel is the main culprit here.

How to fix Random reboot in Android Custom ROM

fix random reboot in android custom rom

To fix random Reboot in Android Custom ROM is quite simple. You just have to change the kernel and try installing other kernels available for your device.

But before changing the Kernel make sure to Backup Boot and DTBO to revert to the previous Kernel if anything goes wrong with the newly installed Kernel.

If anything like that ever happens, you can always restore your Boot and DTBO to make your device to its previous state. 

Try flashing every other kernel to fix Random Reboot in Android Custom ROM.

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How to fix Android Phone restarting again and again after update – Phone is restarting continuously

If you are a normal user whose phone is restarting automatically then follow the guides below.

To stop your Android phone from restarting automatically, follow this Random Reboot fix guide by Google.

Other Reasons for restarting an Android phone or crashing automatically, are below:

• Malware or virus attack on Android phone

• Android Phone Overheating issue

• Damaged Battery of the Android phone

• Android phone motherboard issue

• Android phone Broken software update

• Incompatible Third-Party Android App

• Broken Power Button of the Android phone

Some simple actions can be performed to fix the Android crashing issue.

Enable Safe Mode to Fix Random Reboot:

To enable safe mode in Android 11 and Above:

Step 1: While the device is powered on, press and hold down the power button.

Step 2: In the Power button pop-up menu, press the Power key if not available directly.

Step 3: After that, touch and hold the Power off option until the “Reboot to safe mode message appears.”

Step 4: Tap ‘OK’ to restart into safe mode.

To Exit Safe Mode, Reboot the device from Power Menu and then select Reboot or Restart.

If you cannot exit Safe Mode, turn off and turn on the device. To do so, press and hold the power button until the power menu appears, then tap on Power Off without holding for long. 

After the device has turned off, turn it on by pressing and holding the Power button.

Perform a Factory Reset from Recovery to Fix Random Reboot:

factory reset android

To perform a factory reset from recovery, follow the steps below.

Booting into Recovery:

Step 1: While the phone is powered ON, press and hold the Volume Up(+) and Power button(Q) simultaneously until the device reboots to a new screen.

You can also boot to Recovery by Powering Off the device, then press and hold Volume Up(+) and Power button(Q) simultaneously until a new screen appears.

Step 2: Inside Recovery, you should see Reboot Now, Apply Update, and Advanced. Navigate to Advanced using the Volume Buttons and Power button to get inside the option. 

If touch is supported, then navigate using tapping on the Advanced. (Skip Advanced, if Wipe or Factory Reset available on the front)

Step 3: Inside Advanced, You should see Wipe or Factory Reset. Tap on it or navigate to Wipe or Perform Factory Reset.

Step 4: After navigating to Factory Reset, it will ask you for confirmation. Tap on Yes, or, navigate and press the power button once on YES to perform Factory Reset.

Note: Before Factory Reset, Backup your Files from Internal Storage, like Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Apps, and Messages.

Note 2: After Factory Reset, the first boot will take longer than usual, so do not panic.

Operating method Navigation inside Recovery:

Volume Up (+) = Navigates Upwards

Volume down (-) = Navigates Downwards

Power button = Confirms the selection

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Another method to Factory Reset the device to fix Random Reboots:

Step 1: Go to system settings.

Step 2: inside system settings, navigate to System.

Step 3: Inside System, you should see Reset Options or Factory Reset.

Step 4: Inside Factory Reset, choose to Erase All Data, and it will ask for confirmation tap on Next or OK to confirm Factory Reset the device.

Note: Before Factory Reset, Backup your Files from Internal Storage, like Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Apps, and Messages.

Note 2: After Factory Reset, the first boot will take longer than usual, so do not panic.

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